Life, The Faith We Live

william-wordsworth-faith-quotes-faith-is-a-passionateSome People, Else Where? Where Else? Belief, Be+Life

Some people long to be elsewhere?

Where else do they belong?

They are right where they are and need to be+consciously awaken to the reality of their lives by belonging and not prolonging.

george-macdonald-novelist-quote-the-principle-part-of-faith-isThey change their attire, their surrounding environment by arduously decorating it, implicating everyone else and engaging in confrontational behavior by blaming all else other than taking proper responsibility themselves?

They embark upon purchasing the most expensive of articles and gadgets thinking that for those few fleeting moments they could be able to allay the actual sense of being and belonging elsewhere? They forget that transformation does not take place just like that where life is concerned for life is emerging from within and needs the realization of self contentment and inner happiness and joyfulness rather than a mirage of delusional objects that leave one fatigued, exasperated, exhausted, overwhelmed and deluged by the staggering debts and then yet again caught in the vortex of think that more will bring more? More of what will actually bring more? More of pleasure? More of aimless shopping? Or justifying one’s behavior through only what one thinks is right and others are all wrong? They need to carefully realize that their mirror is with them and if they keep borrowing others mirror to reflect upon their image, they may be looking at that mirror with an imaginary vision of achieving what others have toiled and diligently strived for and are worthy of what they have attained, so they need to committedly resolve to responsibly strive as well rather than ruminating and reflecting why others have more and they have less? Why others are happier and they are not quite as happy despite being blessed by the tremendous grace of God, of being able to live with a sense of dignity, of being well endowed with one’s intellectual faculties and having so much more potential opportunities to achieve and excel but by blaming and contradicting others, they are messaging themselves that what they have is not what they seek but then they do not take the true initiatives of carefully understand that what they have is what they themselves chose after all and to have something else, they need to firstly understand what is it they actually want to be able to have the respective attainment and make the responsible choices and take charge of the respective responsibilities that come along with the concerned objective demandingly.

bryant-h-mcgill-the-purpose-of-life-is-the-purpose-we-bring-to-itLife is not a cloud or a planet or an soaking pad where one just keeps absorbing and retaliating since what is sent out actually returns (remember the boomerang effect, when you fling a boomerang it ricochets and returns with greater velocity and does not justify at hurling accusations upon others or hurting others or even one’s own self mindlessly and aimlessly) what is thought is actually experienced and what is cherished and hope manifests at one point or another but the virtue of endurance, patience and righteousness seek to prevail with methodical precision. Life is the sacred choice of our pure love, sense of duty-dharma-karma and practice of righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently. In life it is extremely important to carefully observe and then truly understand rather than presumptively jumping from one conclusion to another without actually justifying or meaningfully reasoning, just doing whatever? whenever? whereever? however? There are certain rules and regulations, the strict code of conduct upon which the Universe evolves and if we want to achieve, we have to learn to live by the rules and with a sense of discipline, due diligence, responsibility and wisdom accordingly.

deirdre-mcquade-quote-we-all-are-building-a-culture-of-lifeLife = The Chinese translational definition of Li refers to the measurement of distance and the Spanish translational definition of Fe refers to Faith.



george-bernard-shaw-dramatist-life-isnt-about-finding-yourself-lifeHence, upon truly realizing and understanding the intrinsic and incredible divine purpose, divine principles, divine values and divine will of life, we will be able to live each and every moment of our lives in grace and wisdom for each breath is breathed in faith and each element of faith becomes the very energy of our breath that sustains the lifetime of our graceful evolution into divine beings of light through the process of self realization; we attain moksha-salvation-ascension when we fulfill our primordial agendas-assignments-duties-objectives-obligations-responsibilities-studies-tasks and vocations that have been earnestly entrusted upon our shoulders with a sense of commitment, purpose, diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and wisdom respectively.

1044876_397252117050925_398606800_n hafiz-of-persia-quote-we-have-come-into-this-exquisite-world-to confucius-philosopher-study-the-past-if-you-would-divine-theThere is so much to this that it can be paraphrased and interpreted in myriad ways but it all means and represents one aspect very most brilliantly which is to be true to our faith as well as faith to our truth. Rather than reflecting upon others and seeking to engage in controversial debates or contradiction, let us seek to permit our divine light to shine throughout our lives in living our lives purposefully for what we want to see in the Universe first appears across the landscape of our imagination, mind and then seeks the purity of our heart to provide the consent for the fair and righteous aspects to emerge and align with the Universal, Natural and Environmental forces as one that belongs to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi