Universal Suffrage, The Courage of Compassionate Wisdom


The dignity of our lives is achieved by earnestly striving to faithfully fulfill our respective commitments,  obligations and objectives conscientiously.


The honor of our lives is attained by embracing our values that inspire practice of  righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently.


Every initiative seeks to respect its cause without which no worthwhile achievement could ever be strived for.Knowing that respect stands for cordiality, courteousness, goodness, greatness, grace, purity, truth and wisdom; it is a matter of relegating the pivotal importance of what one believes in  to the pedestal of dignified meritoriousness remarkably for above all else is the love of life and above the life of pure love is/are the aisles that embodies and encapsulates peaceful co habitation with one another based upon observance of due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, truthfulness and graceful wisdom that is enshrined within the realm of one another’s true nature, true self and divine essence amazingly.


Life is the epiphany of meritorious virtues amongst which the virtues of compassion, courage and wisdom are the salient, pivotal and instrumental roots of the truth.


The Occupy Central movement participants and organizers speak of love, peace and non violence; while actually  each of these virtues refer to a greater meaning that do not in any way attributes to transcendence or association with any form, sort or type of civil disobedience whatsoever;  since the essence of love is the commitment of true passion, while peace is nurturing all that is calm, healing and serenity; and non violence engenders the indomitable sacredness of practicing righteousness that espouses the principles of truth and justice in one’s thoughts, actions and expressions committedly.


Carrying and earnestly caring for their aspirations with a sense of true discipline and ensuring strict observance and compliance of the respective rules. laws and regulations of Hong Kong; the Occupy Central movement participants and organizers should seek to realize and carefully understand that staging protests, causing disruptions and hindering one another’s livelihoods and safety or freedom of movement, engagement in any form, sort or type of civil disobedience is not the appropriate, correct, ethical, fair, moral, right or wise approach to indulge in or pursue ever at all please.


Reflecting on the virtuosity of what is sought, the aims and pristine objectives of any given scope purely encourages utilization of the respective opportunities to constructively create, meaningfully and purposefully contribute to the goodness and  welfare of one and all responsibly rather than to putting forth ultimatums or issuing any announcements; or gain inspiration from some pathways that are not conducive to anyone’s true nature essentially.


Life’s remarkable greatness inspires each and everyone of us to make the world feel proud of us by firstly making ourselves feel proud of the world and doing what it takes to be authentic, right, real and genuine for we have got what it takes, so let us truly live by our ideals, our values and our principles which inspire us to be sincerely committed to all that is embodying the practice of righteousness that belongs to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of one another consistently. God Bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Mind and Heart, The Ease, The Peace

buddha-buddha-health-is-the-greatest-gift-contentment-the-greatest-wealthPut your mind at ease. Input your heart’s peace.

Realize, its your mind, its your heart, its your life and its your destiny. What you acquire, what you require as well as what you inspire and are inspired by; your divine purpose, your divine principles, your divine values and your divine will; its all what you think, do and express that tends to count and matter very most significantly.

Seek to practice righteousness in all that you think, do and express while ensuring to live a purposeful life with due diligence, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness and your brilliant creative wisdom consciously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi