Hong Kong, a Land of Promises

democritus-philosopher-quote-happiness-resides-not-in-possessions-andWhile being born in Hong Kong is truly a privilege, bestowing our pure intentions towards Hong Kong’s progress is a blessing. In this context, when we reflect upon universal suffrage, we should first of all carefully understand that Beijing has the best and fair interests of Hong Kong and its people at heart always.

marcel-proust-author-we-do-not-succeed-in-changing-things-accordingUniversal suffrage refers to embracing our values that inspire practice of righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently. Righteousness refers to practicing the moral values of our lives. Our Parents, Families, Relatives, Friends and our Proud Community embraces the characteristics of being called Asia’s World City; let us all strive towards upholding and contributing towards this vision earnestly.

mohandas-gandhi-leader-providence-has-its-appointed-hour-forHong Kong is the land of promises which means each and every one of us in Hong Kong is/are a promise to Hong Kong and China as well; and being promissories, let us honor this virtuous privilege characteristically.


j-g-holland-novelist-calmness-is-the-cradle-ofRemember that the world is watching and more than the admirable gaze of the world it is our own consciousness that is witnessing whether we are being true to our calling and purpose of life which always inspires us to living our divine essence which embodies the practices of peaceful co habitation respectfully with one another without causing any civil disobedience or hindering one another’s safety and well being please, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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