Satisfaction or Set this Faction? The Realization

Some individuals are never satisfied with what they have?

They remain constantly focused upon what others have? and keep aspiring and desiring for what is not rightfully theirs?

What ensues eventually is what they have depreciates and when they do not attain what others have obviously, they are left with a sense of deep resentment.

They then go about exclaiming, fretting, grumbling, retorting and resenting? The intensification of their feelings and emotions reaches its peak, such a crescendo that it causes a rippling effect, all because they never realized that being content and most importantly diligent and resourceful with what they had all along was the pivotal factor; but alas they embarked reflecting on others and saying how lucky others are?

They are mature individuals and endowed with the finest intellectual faculties,. having achieved a lot in life but then permit the malignant virtue of resentment to keep growing and spreading its bitterness all along their being?

They become a question mark to themselves and others since at first they were truly the quest in mark, the mark for attaining excellence, but the quest gradually subsided and became a confused attitude with jumbled up and unclear set of agendas all along?

Now why is this being reflected upon? Well, what happens is many other individuals never consider them credible enough to speak to, to discuss with, to engage in any for or sort of conversation with?

Is there some sort of a energetic patterns that these individuals are exuding that is barricading others from recognizing them?

Actually, the point is these individuals seclude themselves, living in perpetual isolation and then become prone to falling prey to even the slightest praise whether it maybe even false praise, for some ulterior motive or objective by the person praising them.

So all in all, it is the fault actually of those who deviated in the first place from their well placed, well positioned and well respected status; they thought that engaging in gossip, reflecting enviously on others belongings was an enjoyable pursuit? Well, frankly, it was, is and will remain in vain, since nothing fruitful could ever come out of negative indulgences.

Summarizing the above, it is a matter of being content with what we have and striving to consciously do better, being focused and resourceful and endeavoring to be true to our nature and living our divine essence. Life is not an experiment where we can just do any and everything however we feel, there are rules and regulations, there is law and order; just because someone else is jumping on board one movement or another or if someone is just getting attracted and embarking on a mission for someone else’s game plan and jeopardizing one’s own future is catastrophic.

Since by the time the individual comes back to where they belonged, they realized that all that they worked for all along their lives was cruelly snatched away for they deviated and went on to pursue and engage in actions that were contravening all that stood for good conduct, for fairness and righteousness.

Following the herd policy is not applicable for human beings since as being human we have our reasoning power, our intellectual faculties that help us decide and discern between right and wrong.

This is real life with real consequences and legal repercussions for those who tread on the wrong side of the respective laws and regulations.

Experiencing satisfaction in seeing others trying to do something strange is not necessarily right since we each have been endowed with our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values and our divine will which always inspires us to be practicing due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, truth and wisdom in all that we think, do and express consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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