Our True Self, Being Still

alphonse-de-lamartine-poet-quote-providence-conceals-itself-in-theWe find ourselves within moments of having lost ourselves? We loose ourselves within moments of having found ourselves? None of this is true at all for we neither find, nor loose ourselves, we experience being ourselves as well as another self.

By being our true self, we experience equanimity, happiness, harmony, joy, peace, radiance, sincerity, truth and wisdom.

By being another self, we contradict the essence of our being, for we start creating, re creating infinite parallel paradigms and visions of illusive notions that leave us with a sense of anxiety, delusion, exhaustion, overwhelmingness, stress and tiredness.

soren-kierkegaard-philosopher-be-that-self-which-one-trulyThe choice is purely and truly ours, whether we seek to meditate on a daily basis and carry forth and across the graceful blossoming of our evolutionary blissfulness into each and every moment of our lives.

Being truly still, we consciously realize and awaken to the magnificence of our greatness and gloriousness. It is not about any magic, miracles or manifestations; it is humbly about sacredly honoring and reverentially bowing to the divine consciousness, the image of God that remains enshrined within all of God’s creations amazingly.

It all comes with a price, the price being that first we need to diligently strive and attend to our respective dharma (duties) to fulfill our karma (deeds) since when we truly serve, then will we truly deserve.

Nature and the universe are all a part of us, we are all intertwined and interconnected and emerge as well as merge; align as well as harmoniously resonate with the creativeness of evolution as one, the oneness that infinitely sustains the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe remarkably, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi