Democracy, The Vision of Moral Values

confucius-philosopher-study-the-past-if-you-would-divine-theWhen we think, speak of or refer to democracy, we should carefully remember that its roots and essence engenders and is sustainably empowered by the collective consciousness embodying noble, genuine and pure initiatives that relates to practice of righteousness in all that is thought of, expressed and implemented respectively.

In this context, being true democratic embodiments and espousing democratic principles and values, it does not behove well to reflect upon, engage in gossip or stirring controversies for or against one another specifically.confucius-wisdom-quotes-wisdom-compassion-and-courage-are-the-three-universallyWe cherish to express the principles and values that tend to reflect our ideologies however life seeks to recreate higher theologies that nurture our noble aspirations remarkably well as our goodwill.Mahatma Gandhi’s proverbial principle comes to mind (quote) see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Applying this in today’s world, its essence may refer to living consciously by firmly believing and elucidating the following:- see now well, hear now well, speak now well, think now well as well as practice now well; all that is goodwill and good wellness whether in our thoughts, actions or expressions is what is being nurtured, referenced as well as purely intentioned.

confucius-motivational-quotes-the-more-man-meditates-upon-good-thoughts-the-betterThis is seeing as well as seeking with a compassionate vision such as with the eyes of our heart and permitting its power and graceful wisdom to guide and inspire us towards fulfilling our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values, our divine will, our divine vision as well as our divine wisdom faithfully.

The People’s Republic Of China has the very best and fair interests of Hong Kong and its people at heart always. What they intend to do is purely focusing upon the goodwill, harmony and welfare of Hong Kong and China. We are proud of its policies and supportive of its perspective and views consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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