Men and Women, We are all Human

bryant-h-mcgill-no-belief-or-idea-is-sacred-unless-it-treats-allMan, Woman and Human’s Word and World; Sat (Truth), Chit (Consciousness), Anand (Bliss)

Dignity, Pure Intentions, Respectfulness and Righteousness



alexander-hamilton-politician-quote-the-sacred-rights-of-mankind-areIn a man’s world, it is a woman’s word. In a woman’s world, it is a human’s word.

In a human world, it is the orchestration of dignified and respectfully pure intentions and words that embody the practice of righteousness in all that is thought, acted, expressed and implemented respectively.



victor-hugo-wisdom-quotes-wisdom-is-a-sacredRemember, we are all humans and in truly being humanity, we awaken to the divine human consciousness which is sat (truth), chit (consciousness), anand (bliss); as well as the sacred process and conscious purposefulness of  living our dharma (duty) to+true fulfill our primordial karma (deeds) as well as parikrama; dharma respectfully refers to the consciousness of evolution while karma respectfully refers to the pure essence+intent that relates to its eventual consequentiality; and parikrama respectfully refers to pradakshinam which is the circumambulation and is a sacred process that is honorably observed by going in a circular pathway around an altar; an idol; a shrine with utmost reverence, covering one’s head out of profound respectfulness and folding one’s hands+palms reverentially together as a respectful adoration+salutation or raising one’s hands in respectful devotion+faith to one’s divinity with true gloriousness elucidating the greatness of the grace of God that shines forth as the soul in all living beings amazingly; with each action performed with absolutely pure intentions from a disciplined perspective of due diligence, prudence, radiance, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and one another’s divine grace and sacred incarnate wisdom, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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