God Particle, Universe, Stephen Hawking; The Pure Intent of Quantum Evolution

God Particle Could Destroy Universe, Warns Stephen Hawking



cropped-rig-veda-hymn-of-creation.jpgWith reference to the above, I would wish to respectfully respond as follows.

With matter being created by consciousness, the quantum energy fields that regulate the processes of evolution follow a greater flow of particles intensification, where the collective consciousness is particularly directed and focused.

The quintessence of humanity seeks its divine essence and nature as well as the universe are thereby ensuring an harmonious equilibrium of divergent elements functioning and oscillating with methodical precision. There is one aspect that providentially resonates the explicit truth which is that as far as our intent is pure, nature and the universe knows and then we need not fear the impending collision or conflict thereof for our duty is to harvest; as we sow, so shall we reap.

Reflecting on the captioned hypothesis, the prospective resultant calls for a conscious awakening of humanity towards adopting a conservative and moderate strategy in all walks of life and discoveries. whether it may relate to scientific or spatial expeditions or even any form of genetic engineering, whatever maybe the objective, the essence is drawing a line of reality.

If we may tend to reflect upon the hallmarks of time, we are having far much more advanced technological frontiers and milestones reached but is there a reasonable threshold being there in place to ensure fairness of accountability?

We have been entrusted to take care of the universe as custodians so that our future generations could live in joyfulness and progressively. However, what examples we set forth will be apparently emulated and thereby practiced.

Its a matter of careful genuine understanding and realization of facts as they truly are that is called for consistently. Fifty years ago, although people had lesser endowments and facilities, but were far much contentious and prosperous; there was greater affection and degree of respect, relationship and understanding for one’s self and others. Now as well, there is indeed, lots of remarkableness evident in the pureness of one another’s attitude, but it has become fraught with an impending level of anxiety, overwhelming demands and pressures of time and other factors and an relentless commitment factor that people having to accomplish so much more in so less time?

This implies that if we don’t draw the line and align, then nature and the universe will do so at its behest and in accordance with the tenets of evolution by manifesting a collision of the divergent particles; all because of the dis engagement, lack of concern, disharmony and conflict of interests primarily and more apparently with one’s own self than others, for as we are all aware that first whatever occurs it starts within and then radiates itself across and intensifies its potential velocity and expansiveness haphazardly.

Let us simplify our lives to the respectful extent that we are contributing back to nature and the universe for all that we have been endowed with; whether it is planting more trees, avoiding irresponsible deforestation or indiscriminate slaughter of animals as well as denigrating what we are expected to be invigorating.If anyone were to look beyond themselves and attribute destruction to a higher power, then that is the voice of the conscience speaking and seeking alertness, precaution and due rectifications earnestly since everything has to operate from a frequency of pure intent and since everything has its consciousness, what is anticipated and expected logically is pure resultants.

The significant importance of purity and the truth in our lives is paramount and cannot be underscored or substituted or even deferred since whether it is the human body or an motor engine, we have noticed how every aspects follows an pristine approach all along. Nothing is just like that, everything is purposeful and correct in its energetic frequencies that are radiated and it is the reactions that precipitate likewise set of consequences and results. When we know so much, are so knowledgeable and very well aware of so many facts that all lead to purity and the truth, then why do we keep avoiding and exploring far beyond where we are? When we are having ample opportunities to establish a harmonious environment in earth, we are spending millions of dollars on identifying possibilities of living on distant planets and embarking on spatial expeditions? By all means, we need to keep abreast of the hallmarks of time but then how pure and true are our intentions please? The question or the quest in will be the answer by itself in varying degrees for whatever we emit, nature and the universe will likewise remit back forth to us/ true us, so we  need to be consciously aware of what we are unleashing whether it is in the form or thoughts, actions, expressions or deeds.

There are various other aspects that we are well aware of and intend to genuinely fulfill but due to the immense pressures and commitments of the hands of time are held back in the swiftness, prioritizing certain aspects for implementing them in due course of time, but where time is concerned, the times course of being due is right now, since until or unless we responsibly take the primordial initiatives of adopting a pure intent and ensuring practice of compassion and righteousness in all that we think, do, express and implement, we will keep living with a sense of lack or incompleteness due to some fallacy of understanding and that fallaciousness is the element of ignorance and negligence of dharma (duties) that relate to shudd bhav-the pure intent of being, the pure intend of becoming as well as the pure intent of be calm in, of being in harmony with our higher self and aligning with our true nature and our true self to create greater pathways of universal goodwill, harmony and welfare consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Students Boycotting Classes?

marcus-aurelius-soldier-he-who-lives-in-harmony-with-himself-lives-inWhen students plan to boycott their studies to support political campaigns, they forget some of the most important lessons and principles of purposeful living in the process.

Being students, they are the future leaders of their societies and they have a lot of commitments and expectations that have been entrusted upon their proud shoulders with profound confidence and the sacred element of pure trust.

They could actually achieve far much more by diligently attending to their studies for the true essence and respect of patriotism is not about staging protests, engaging in any civil disobedience or going against the respective rules, laws and regulations.

True love for one’s country, nation and the world is not about radical sacrifices, revolt or discontent at all; rather true love is genuinely about contribution towards the goodwill, harmony and welfare of one another’s well being earnestly.

When students emulate behavior that is contradicting their moral conscience, the universal suffrage that they strive to attain and realize remains ever distant, for it espouses principles of goodwill, harmonious and peaceful welfare of the society without imposition, issuance of ultimatums or declarations of random ideologies. Life’s theology resonates the characteristical and dignified moral conduct of each and every individual coming together in the spirit of humanity’s meaningful progress.

They need to carefully understand that the universal consciousness transcends far beyond any political paradigms for it is representing the collective consciousness of all as one and one as all, which means that whenever anything is even thought of, they must reflect upon their true aims in their lives, they must intuitively engage in the sacred dialogues with their higher selves, their true nature, their true selves and their divine essence to clarify whether what they are doing is right after all? and what should they be actually doing after all; they would be amazed to receive the clarified response which would state that they need to be true to their nature and they need to be nature to their truth; being nature and being the truth represents the elements of harvest and harmony; here it relates to harvesting goodwill and implementing harmoniousness across the divergent sectors of society by engaging in all that is good and better for oneself and others.

They need to strive to uphold the tenets and doctrines of practicing righteousness in all that they think, do, express and implement for the roots of the truth are what enshrine our remarkable progress and what is being mirrored within one another’s being and all across the Universe is/are the elements of pure consciousness and sacred energies.

It is to be carefully understood and realized that this is not about trying to influence, sway or contradict but rather it is humbly about living our true /  divine  essence; for we have all been equipped with phenomenal creative intellectual faculties to create and strengthen each and every aspect of our lives with pure intentions and the goodwill of Universal progress.

If one understands history and truly respects it, then one should seek to diligently and responsibly work along to sustain its evolutionary structural progress practicing good thoughts and good deeds consistently.

Universal suffrage is not about contravention of laws and regulations or civil disobedience; rather it is about harmonious cultural integration of the societal principles and values. Remember as we all grew in our lives, all that we were provided all along was genuine, pure and real and so it is now as well all along, but suddenly if seeking to forcibly influence the political landscape by thinking that one can revolt or contradict the very same values and principles that one believed in all along could be actually substituting what one actually stood for and believed always.

Cherished aspirations that strive for seeking change must first of all respectfully understand the real sanctification of life’s ambitions. In life, our Parents brought us up with enormous efforts so that we could live and lead our lives as responsible citizens; always earnestly contributing to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of our societies and not because of embracing political ideologies and spearheading campaigns that sought to enforce all that was not aligning with our trueselves consistently.

If the students could soul search and introspect, looking within their true nature, they would realize that by deviating from the conventional etiquette and protocol of life’s norms and practices, they were actually hindering their true ambitions and purposeful aims of living for life is the will of goodwill and honoring one’s pure intentions earnestly.

Proclaiming or announcing plans and then putting enormous pressure on the society does not behove well for students at all; they are respectfully admired to be great leaders in their designated professional capacities by striving to live in accordance with the respective laws and regulations.

True leadership is about a commitment towards one’s self and others, it is a matter of disciplined conduct and pure intent that speaks of righteousness and practice of all that is contributing to the goodwill and harmonious welfare of the society diligently, responsibly, sincerely, truly and wisely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Mid Autumn Festival

oprah-winfrey-new-years-quotes-the-more-you-praise-and-celebrate-your8th September 2014 marks the celebrations of the Mid Autumn festival. This is represented by the completion of the summer harvesting season.

The festivities gracefully represent the amazing joyfulness  and gratuitous providence of the Universe and Mother Nature consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi