Remembering September 11, Embracing The Remembrance

Remembering Thoughts AND Prayers

In memory of the victims who have left us with their poignant memories on this extremely tragic day. Our embrace and speechless words humbly seek to gently reach across the landscape of thought in time, time in thought;  standing still in complete respectful silence. Courage, Peace, Love and Light, God Bless,

 ©2014 Vashi Chandi

Have or Haven’t? Pretty Obvious

hazrat-inayat-khan-clergyman-quote-i-have-seen-all-souls-as-my-soulWhat have we got that we haven’t? What haven\t we got that we have? Have or haven’t are during innumerable instances, the representation of different states of our being. Its the being, the having; also connoting behavior, where be+have=behave=behaving and thereby experiencing the potentiality of possession of a particular article, characteristic, endowment, trait or virtue as well as various other aspects and factors correspondingly.

So until we realize, we may miss out completely upon what we have all along and vice versa where having all that we have been endowed with, venturing upon an crusade to find elsewhere what we already have here, right here, right where we truly are, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

People in Time, Lead the Leaders, Lead Us; Leaders teach Us, Teachers lead Us

steve-jobs-quote-your-time-is-limited-so-dont-waste-it-living-someoneProcrastination? From the While can Form the Why i Will

Some people leave time on their hands thinking they will be back in a while? The while meanwhile leaves people thinking they will live all the way back?

The intention-behavior gap which also refers to the procrastination mode can be attributed to a lot of factors; however doing/true in; being committed and disciplined; consciously living in the now, the present moment of our lives can tremendously help us bridge many gaps and strengthen the foundations of our cherished aspirations and desires through our remarkable pure intent and conviction; the firm belief and trust in our true nature, true self and divine essence infinitely, God bless.

Remember the thought that comes to mind, it is the divine epiphany that makes us realize that sometimes is actually referring to sum time/multiple times/all the time; it is  starting with the earnest acknowledgment – sometimes it is necessary to do what is right – then moving onto – sum times it is right to-true; to do what’s necessary; well, then most of the times, it is correct and right to do what needs to+true be done honestly and faithfully; not saying that give me a while, then yet later on, give more some more while the interest keeps diminishing?

When you know you go to truly do something and it is in the best, fair and reasonable interests of all concerned, then do it, don’t just keep dwelling on the possibility and thinking that something from somewhere is going to arrive to take the moments forward and ahead. While leaders teach us, it is teachers lead us; it is not just about live by example alone but it is also exemplifying true wisdom in our daily lives and living consistently.

Here it becomes the sacred responsibility of teachers to lead their students of life on the righteous pathways of their lives by ensuring practice of righteousness and compliance with the respective rules, laws and regulations governing local, national as well as international jurisdictions and likewise it becomes the student’s diligent responsibility to ensure  that they tread on the correct, legal and righteous pathways of their lives by embracing their divine purpose, their divine principles, their divine values, their divine will, their divine vision and their divine wisdom which all represents the goodwill, harmony and welfare of themselves and others; always engaging in thoughts, actions and expressions with a pure intent of commitment towards fulfilling their respective agendas and assignments relating to their studies and educational/intellectual development proficiently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi