Shree Vidya, Supreme Knowledge, Divine Science of the Universe



With respectful salutations to Goddess Lalitā Tripurasundarī, Shiva Bhakti, Shiva Shakti



Shree Vidya respectfully refers to the Supreme Knowledge that emanates from the gloriousness of creation, progressing on towards the magnificent sustenance of evolution.

Shree is the honorable title of divine sacredness. Shiva refers to pure while Shakti refers to the divine energy and Bhakti refers to devotion. To describe its greatness transcends definition, for its creative intelligence is far more proficient than anyone could ever comprehend, elucidate, grasp, interpret or imagine.

The three vital aspects that one could disciplinarily avail of are to observe, experience and realize. This is when we meditate and expand/raise our consciousness to the level of the divine light.

It refers to observance of righteous self conduct and disciplined way of living one’s divine essence earnestly. When we look and engage all around the Universe with our shudd bhav/pure intent, we emerge and merge, aligning with the Universal consciousness in faithful realization of its primordial fulfillment sincerely.

As our incantation of the mantras/divine chants are expressed and sacredly elucidated, the pure energetic vibrations that emanate seek to clarify the reservoir of our emotional memories and strengthen our indomitable will power’s resolve in spiritually nourishing and intellectually nurturing the consciousness of each and every cell of our being phenomenally.

There onwards, as our knowledge and understanding devotionally expands, we remain committed towards the selfless development of humanity which thereby leads to divine goodwill, fulfillment, harmony and pristine welfare of the Universe.

We are all the divine embodiments of the Universal Family who should seek to live our dharma (duties) and perform our karma (deeds) according to the incarnate principles that remain enshrined within the realms of our true nature and our true self amazingly.

The doctrine of life inspires us to perform out duties without the selfish focus upon the fruit thereof, it is a devotional pursuance, where one strives to fulfill one’s agendas and objectives earnestly. There is also the process of avoiding any discrimination of one’s own self, other individuals and other forms of God’s creations respectively.

We strive to attain our self realization along with divine grace and in the process of our introspective clarification by unfoulding of the layers of our intellectual comprehension, like the unfolding of the petals of a lotus, we experience the infinite stillness between each and every breath that exemplifies the practice of righteousness in all that we think, do, express and implement compassionately.

The pivotal and salient significance of each and every element of thought, action and initiative is guided on the basis of absolute shudd bhav/pure intent, discipline and devotion; with profound obeisance to the image of God that is enshrined within our, in one another as well as all of God’s creations infinitely, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

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©2014 Vashi Chandi

Twameva Sharanam, You are Your Gracefulness

william-hazlitt-critic-grace-has-been-defined-as-the-outwardTwameva’s translational definition refers to You are; while one of the meanings of Sharanam refers to Grace. Whatever we do, may take a few moments; however whatever we true, remains with us for a lifetime and far beyond as well amazingly.

God’s grace is with us in Trust; God’s trust is with us in Grace. Let us endeavor to sacredly cherish and realize the greatness of God’s grace that grants us  the incredible wisdom of living our divine essence infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Scotland, please stay with Great Britain

Scotland; England, Great Britain, the United Kingdom and the whole World looks upon You with profound admiration, love, pride, respect and goodwill.

We earnestly, with utmost humility call upon you to stay together within the United Kingdom and value your greatness in providing us all with the much appreciated support of your graceful oneness with Great Britain.

In words we speak and it is in deeds with our pure intents that we realize the reflection of our moral conscience echoing the remarkable greatness of oneness.

This unity is encompassing the true love, aspirations and cherished hopes of millions of people celebrating your oneness with England. Staying together is what life’s greatness is all about; It is the togetherness of life’s oneness that brings us all together to celebrate the greatness of our wonderful lives magnificence gloriously. We all love you Scotland and thank you with utmost gratitude and thankfulness for your extremely valuable decision towards staying together with Great Britain, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi