Scotland, please stay with Great Britain

Scotland; England, Great Britain, the United Kingdom and the whole World looks upon You with profound admiration, love, pride, respect and goodwill.

We earnestly, with utmost humility call upon you to stay together within the United Kingdom and value your greatness in providing us all with the much appreciated support of your graceful oneness with Great Britain.

In words we speak and it is in deeds with our pure intents that we realize the reflection of our moral conscience echoing the remarkable greatness of oneness.

This unity is encompassing the true love, aspirations and cherished hopes of millions of people celebrating your oneness with England. Staying together is what life’s greatness is all about; It is the togetherness of life’s oneness that brings us all together to celebrate the greatness of our wonderful lives magnificence gloriously. We all love you Scotland and thank you with utmost gratitude and thankfulness for your extremely valuable decision towards staying together with Great Britain, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi



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