Mexico Independence Day, God bless


Mexico annually celebrates its Independence Day on September 16 respectively.


When we reflect upon the greatness of Meixco, we are inspired by its motto, Libertad, Trabajo, Cultura; Freedom, Work, Culture.


Indeed, the virtue of freedom makes each of us realize the glory of our individual creative magnificence and uniqueness while work enthuses our spirit to strive to contribute towards the unanimous objective of sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe and culture makes us realize our roots as well as to truly experience the grace of our interconnectedness infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Indriyaan, Embrace Your Essence

images3Indriyaan’s translational definition refers to senses.

Our essence is timeless; as our sense, so is our essence. This humbly seeks to refer to turning our senses inwards; it is the self introspection process, where during meditation as we expand and raise our consciousness to the level of the divine light, we realize that what we were exploring all across the universe was ensconced very much, within the sacred realm of our being.

cinderella-dreamThe choice is ours, whether to constantly keep engaging in the reflection (illusion) that dazzles outwards? or seek to, from time to time, when possible, take a few precious moments every day to mediate and reflect inwards where the radiance of the pure light enlightens us with the moral courage and wisdom to align with the graceful evolution of our lives remarkable passage from infinity to eternity amazingly, God bless.

Remember carefully that the senses are instinctual, reacting and responding to what we emote, feel, rationalize and choose but the soul of our senses is what; the consciousness of our senses is what we need to awaken; it is like a training process, where through the help of the divine light that is within each and everyone of us; we seek to evolve in grace and wisdom and blossom forth like a lotus in discovering and experiencing what we may never have realized and realizing what we may never have expressed. It is the shudd bhav/ the pure intent that comes forth with its remarkable wisdom in pre determining our choices for the good for ourselves and others constantly.

innerwisdomWe are all familiar with our outer senses which are; hear, smell, taste, touch and vision and then the inner senses which are imagination, insight, inspiration, instinct and intuition; what is obvious is that as we realize, realize we has, meaning that until or unless we do not truly live our dharma (duties) and fulfill our karma (deeds) earnestly, the feelings and yearning for the primordial fulfillment will incessantly prevail.

quote-your-vision-will-become-clear-only-when-you-can-look-into-your-heart-who-looks-outside-dreams-robin-sharma-266190 steve-jobs-wallpaper-31497627_581249858610468_383853227_nLet us seek to awaken and develop our intuition that is our inner wisdom; our higher consciousness;  living a purposeful life with conscious awareness, compassion, due diligence, prudence, radiance, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom consistently.

Amongst all our intellectual faculties, it is our intuition that stands apart distinctly and meritoriously; as well as sets our path and pathways magnificently. Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life as well as the wisdom of our soul, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi