God, The Universe and Creation

cotton-mather-quote-the-word-of-god-must-be-read-and-heard-withGod the divine architect, the universe is the architecture’s divinity.

Every aspect of creation follows a sacred geometrical pattern and path in of unique constructiveness and craftsmanship that speaks of sheer brilliance and calibrated methodical precision.

Every cell of our being in its consciousness merges, emerges and aligns with the universal consciousness in its pure expression of energy that remarkably sustains the primordial evolution of the universe infinitely. Remember that we are divine embodiments of creation filled with graceful wisdom and all that we seek out there remains ensconced right within here; within our higherselves; within our true nature and manifests when we practice righteousness with a shudd bhav/pure intent in all that we think, do, express and implement consciously, diligently, prudently, responsibly, sincerely, truly and wisely.

william-ames-philosopher-the-efficiency-of-god-may-be-understood-asBeing children of God and having been endowed with phenomenal capabilities and magnificent intellectual proficiency, we need to heed God’s words that resonate from within the mind of our heart as well as the heart of our mind and from beyond the soul of our path; that whether in thought or deed, we are co creating along with the universe and then weather with seed or taught, we are yet re creating and experiencing the universe as we firstly envisaged it; then visualized it and subsequently beheld it in wonderful amazement.


william-cowper-poet-man-may-dismiss-compassion-from-his-heart-but-godThese few words are not about just paraphrasing the greatness of God’s creative intelligence or elucidating God’s glory, but rather they are a humble token of appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness to God for having bestowed, endowed and equipped us with the possibilities and resourcefulness to strive to create and recreate a greater universe for the goodwill, harmony and welfare of all of God’s creations compassionately, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi