The Human Universe seeks its Universal Humanity

brewster-kahle-quote-if-we-go-and-bring-universal-access-to-all-humanHumanity, The Divine Symposium of Sacred Elements Symbolically

The human ascent seeks its noble nascent.

The human vision seeks its divine provision.

The human consciousness seeks its conscientiousness.

The human grace seeks its sacred embrace.

The human dignity seeks its disciplined etiquette.

The human sanction seeks its divine sanctification.

The human wisdom seeks its crowning supreme gloriousness.

The human imagination seeks its intuitive reconnaissance.

The human vigilance seeks it vigorous allegiance to the truth.

The human rendition seeks to compliment its ream of divination.

The human incantation seeks to resonate its melodious orientation.

The human stride seeks its covetous pride? It is the human stride as well as pride should earnestly seek its proud impetus encompassing moral values, divine principles, sacred character and disciplined devotion of conformance towards one’s true nature, one’s true self and one’s divine essence in practicing righteousness in all that is learnt, taught, known, realized, understood, reflected upon, interpreted, imagined, embrqaced, characterized, approached, embued, relied upon, believed and adhered truly whether in thoughts or deeds with conscious respectfulness.

The human sight seeks its divine insight.

The human recognition seeks its realm of core cognition.

The human body seeks its divine embodiment.

The human mind seeks its sacred commandments.

The human heart seeks its sacred path.

The human spirit seeks its spirituality of its divine union and oneness with the supreme consciousness.

The human soul seeks its natures compassion and infinitude.

The human nature seeks to emulate its noble nurture.

The human reflection seeks its radiant perfect shine.

The human intelligence seeks its harmonious goodwill and contentment of joyfulness.

The human goodwill seeks it is God’s will.

The human humility seeks its calm serenity.

The human diligence seeks its devotional attendance and observance of prudence.

The human observation seeks its opt true vision.

The human discipline seeks its disciplined humanity.

The human prudence seeks its divine providence.

The human benevolence its being evolution.

The human temperance seeks its sculptured dignity.

The human fortitude seeks its foresight of gratitude.

The human morality seeks its moral ethics, divine purpose, divine principles, divine values, divine vision, division and divine will respectively.

The human gender seeks its soulful personality persoulnality.

The human genes seeks its primordial genome.

The human will seeks its pure willingness.

The human intent seeks its pure intentionality.

The human disease seeks its liberation from the complex reservoirs of self imposed negative emotional memories as well as suppression of one another’s pure energies.

The human character seeks its charter of its divine courageousness.

The human aspiration seeks fruition of its cherished desires.

The human desire seeks its acknowledgement of the fulfillment that emerges from within one’s higher self.

The human fulfillment seeks its completeness

The human completeness seeks its calm politeness.

The human policy seeks its endurable vision.

The human endurance seeks its magnificent competence.

The human magnificence seeks its mark of true universal beneficence.

The human values seeks its divine virtues.

The human principle seeks its primordial participle.

The human element seeks fulfillment of its divine sacred commitments relating to the practice of righteousness in all that one thinks of, does and implements consistently.

The human commitments seeks observance and compliance of its courageous resolutions

The human sense seeks its essence while the human essence seeks its divine oneness.

The human welfare seeks its fare well for one and all always.

The human trust seeks its divine faith.

The human faith seeks its divine trust.

And so on and so forth provided every aspect honors and conducts itself in a righteous manner whether at the thought, action or feeling level conscientiously.

The human evolution seeks its harmonious consonance that may appear as a myriad of mysteries while the divine evolution remarkably guides it towards its graceful oneness with the masteries of being one in the oneness as well as oneness in the one. inseparable from the divine communion with God infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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