Affection, Cause and the Cosmos; Cosmic Energy Healing

indexDon’t try to effect the cosmos. In fact, seek to affect it, for the cause most is affection.

mohandas-gandhi-leader-when-i-admire-the-wonders-of-a-sunset-or-theAffection is what feels us while effect shine is what heals us.  Remember the sun’s, moon’s, planets and spatial energy that radiates and emanates across enriching and nourishing our being.

The above humbly seeks to refer to living in harmony with nature, the environment, the universe, one another including one’s own self along with all forms of God’s creations affectionately.

dalai-lama-quote-when-we-are-young-and-again-when-we-are-old-weHuman nature aspires for effect while divine nature inspires for affection and element nature desires our shudd bhav (pure intent) by practicing righteousness in all that we think, do, express and implement consistently.

In one word, while we know that everything has a cause and effect; every think; whatever we think has an affect and clause as well. The affect being affection and the clause being that our facts shine.


buddha-buddha-you-yourself-as-much-as-anybody-in-the-entire-universe-deserve-yourThis inspires us to carefully understand the nature of evolution and better align with its primordial objectives where we will realize that while the effect is important in analyzing/gauging/measuring for statistical and other related purposes; affect (affection) is considerably one of the most remarkable of virtues for it is the pureness of love.

lillian-carter-quote-we-may-not-return-the-affection-of-those-whoReflecting on the first line of this post, it earnestly seeks to inspire an genuine as well as intuitively collaborative sets of initiatives focused upon deriving as much healing as we may so require from the sun and likewise with our pure loving thoughts and feelings infused with the incredible energy radiated back towards the atmosphere and the environment infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Students, Life’s Study Teaches to Truly Study What We Learn

Striking students begin march to Central as police say protest is illegal


With reference to the above article, my opinion is:-

With all due respect when students be students by diligently representing pure academic aspirations instead of political ideologies, then the society will be the society they always envisioned and a lot of constructive developments could be thereby realized, God bless.