Here, There, Elsewhere? Its Hails Where

thales-of-miletus-quote-nothing-is-more-active-than-thought-for-it-traWe are there while something else is here? We are here while something else is there? Between the here and there is the elsewhere also; there prevails the element of the in between that intervenes with its integral demand of seeking attention as well?

Beyond the there, the here as well as the elsewhere; there prevails the hails where.

One of the definitions of hail refers to signalling, so whether we realize it or not, our consciousness hails forth some of the most remarkable choices and decisions that attribute to the intuitive aspect of listening to our brilliant creative innate magnificent wisdom; being observant and able to realize, discerning between the various factors and determining the correct choices guided by the virtue of the practice righteousness in our thoughts, actions, expressions and implementations, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Left Moments, Moments Left, Cherish, Realize and Live Life to the Fullest

marcia-wieder-quote-use-your-precious-moments-to-live-life-fullySometimes, all we have left(remaining) is a few moments. At some other times, all we have actually left (let go by) is a few moments as well.

Whether left being the actuality, which is the remainder of time on hand or the time left which is the reminder of time, there prevails the element of conscious acknowledgement seeking accountability.

Living our lives, we may never realize how many breaths we have left but live in our lives truly will make us realize how many breaths we have left to go by just like that after all.

The above humbly seeks to earnestly reflect upon the incredible value of time in our lives and what we do with it all along; and where breath is concerned, it seeks to gratuitously reflect upon all that we have been endowed with whether in the form of endowments or the priceless virtues, and how diligently resourceful we are in fulfillment of our respective commitments.

Some people keep fervently clinging onto each and every breath of life while others keep breathing with frustration? One side there is appreciation of the consciousness wholeheartedly; and on the other hand a conscious appreciation, but then in denial?

Each and everyone of us is/are pure and true divine essence; and those who realize it, experience bliss and those who do not realize also bless their experiences for all that emanates from our soul is goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe incessantly. This means that whether we have a few moments left or have left a few moments to go by, live life to the fullest for one never knows how many moments are truly left after all; ………; but then now is ever one with us, meaning also that this now, this present moment in our lives is continuous, this now moment contains all moments and this know contentment (the joy of realization) is infinite, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi