Disguise, This Guise, Practice Calmness

72-73576_Be_CalmAt times, it has been mentioned that challenges and difficulties representing potential opportunities come in disguise.

Whether times, whether challenges, difficulties or even otherwise, when this guise calms in; is calm within, only then could any potential possibilities of opportunities actually get identified, explored, experienced and realized.

It might be a split second or a span of a few vital moments during which one maybe besieged by converse set of powers demanding swift and responsible decisions and in such instances and scenarios, having a calm, peaceful and serene mind would be much more better and effective to respond with, rather than the frantic state of mind or just rushing through in a reactive basis. Being proactive, practical, diligent, prudent, responsible, sincere, true and wise includes the element of maintaining calmness, practicing calmness and radiating calmness true and through, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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Happy Germany National Day, God bless



Germany proudly commemorates its 24th anniversary of German reunification on October 3 2014 respectively.


When we reflect upon the greatness of The Federal Republic Of Germany, we are inspired by its national motto which is; “Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit”; “Unity and Justice and Freedom”.


Indeed this is the unity which represents the grace of victoriousness; while justice is exemplified by the trust in the credentials of the truth and freedom proudly seeks to refer to the courage and pure intent of fulfilling one’s commitments earnestly while ensuring observance of stipulated ideals, principles and values consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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Reading the Knewspaper and Habitude, Orientating Life’s Kaleidoscope

You were born to be BrilliantWhat is happening in our world matters while what is happening right across our words actually matters to us most as well; after all from words springs forth the world that we envision.

Words by themselves constitute and represent a certain degree of energy that further aligns and unleashes phenomenal set of events and instances to unfold in our lives through the auspices of the corresponding sets of actions that we intend to take or the actions that  we choose to implement.

With all due respect to the global media, while everyday we may keenly look forward to reading the newspapers; as well as watch the television and browse through our electronic devices to keep abreast of events transpiring right across the whole world; the whole word likewise oscillates integrally between our intellectual interpretations re defining each and every moment of our lives thereby, quite remarkably.

One word can be an impetus for another set of words in succession, while another word can be its contradictory catalyst inspiring a for or against scenario.

What are we acquiring? What are we acquainting ourselves with, day in, day out, across the days, weeks, months and years, what is it that has come out of all of this? Have we improved our choices and lifestyle and matured in our thinking (no pun intended) since reading helps us to clarify when we better understand the true essence of what we are intending to incorporate and enrich within the intellectual realm of our being.

To summarize the above, what it seeks to reflect upon is the habitude of improving one’s life remarkably well by developing our character on the basis of adopting a disciplined approach in attending to whatever we embark upon. Thinking things, through and through, clarifying the essence of our being; yes, the knewspaper is relating to the clarification of the essence of our being. Someone may state, they do not read the newspapers, they do not watch television, they do not browse the Internet across their electronic devices, so this does not essentially apply to them? Well, whether one may or may not indulge in being a part and path of society, society will always remain part of us, for we are all interconnected and our isolation will not actually help us in any way at all, for here it is about the process of practicing our daily meditation that is being referred to objectively. It is not about knowing everything that is happening or that will happen, no; that is not the intention, rather knewspaper is an introspective approach, of better understanding, of being able to realize and better attend to what we are truly expected to do and to+true be respectively.

It humbly seeks to refer to practicing meditation for a few minutes everyday where we connect with the purity of our sacredness; to our higher selves and permit the radiance of the divine grace to flow throughout our being in nourishing and nurturing the amazing reservoir of virtues that we have been magnificently endowed with as well as the creative intellectual faculties that we have been equipped with to create greater good for one and all always. There is a lot more to this, but since each and every one must discover and experience their true nature, their true self and their divine essence by themselves, it is the beginning of the big innings that we have been waiting for all along our lives; the horizon that appeared quite distant, dwells at quite a close proximity from the vantage of our intuitive imaginary vision after all.

By all means, we can engage in our conventional processes, interactiveness across the social platforms and usual practices, but observance of inculcating the habitude of even reading the knewspaper (daily meditation) must be given its salient importance and allocation of time that it integrally deserves each and every day, right across our lifetime. Remember that meditation can take us a long way, all along the way but then there is  an absolute sanctified and pureness of energy involved, one’s intent must be pure, one’s thoughts must be pure, one’s feelings towards one’s ownself and others must be pure; one’s aspiration and desires must be pure in the sense that seeking goodness, goodwill and unanimous welfare for one and all faithfully; one’s inclination must be pure; one’s focus must be pure; one’s trust must be pure; basically whatever it is, whether the seed or the harvest. whether the elements or the sentiments, everything must be infinitely still in their one pointedness and pure to the core and this gradually develops and unfolds as one earnestly takes each sincere step and initiative towards realizing the image of God that remains enshrined within the higher self of all living beings amazingly. Beyond that what unfolds, what is revealed, what enlightenment one attains, what one experiences and all related processes remains a sacred dialogue between the master and the student, where the master is God and the student is/are God’s children and that is all of us who are truly God’s children, earnestly seeking to know and have one single glimpse of God while not understanding that God is watching all of us true and through, and we will be able to realize and experience God’s grace when we gracefully welcome the realization of God’s beingfulness within each and everyone of us as well diligently attend to our respective agendas, assignments and commitments faithfully.

One day in time, we will realize and experience the essence of our being consciously and then we will be elated, jubilant, glad and ever joyful for we will better understand that the essence of our being represents the infinity of our being; the pure potential of our creative magnificence and intuitive intelligence, where we search, identify, discover, observe, experience and realize our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values, our divine vision, our divine wisdom and our divine will that has the power of transforming sound to light. It is referred to the chanting of mantras; shlokas; sacred stanzas, hymns, recitations, singing the gloriousness of God; by which the pure essence of energy, the Shiva Shakti (pure divine essence) converges in the oneness of creation with its elements of truth as they were, are and will always be.

It is about the process of experiencing our self realization; our introspection which reveals to us the incredible insights and creative knowledgeability we have been endowed with, what remains between our acquisition and experience is the realization factor, so when we truly realize, we realize the truthfulness of sowing the seeds of virtues across each and every moment and aspect of our lives ingeniously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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C’est la Vie, This is it

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WHEAVEN ON EARTHhy as, you has? As you, has vie.

The gist of the above is that when we need to be content, we are contending? So likewise set of fallacious struggles or courageous advents thereby evolve.

Many a riddle or rid ill is encapsulated within the very set of thoughts that initiated it after all (the truth and facts remain embodied within its roots+routes; remember cause < > effect; as we sow, so shall we reap; the law of karma and consequentiality) and initiatives that we keep brooding upon incessantly and engaging with apparently; and then voila, the imaginable or the unimaginable manifests, announcing, c’est la vie, this is it, so think well, do well, be well, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi