God’s Will, God Will

god-will-make-a-way god-will-provide-550x320Life’s faith will show you the way where the way faith is in your life will show you God.

Showing refers to revelation of the will for in the will is the reflection of God’s grace. It is the will of God that God wills; while knowing God, you will and knowing will you God; knowing God, you will God’s will for you.

Gods-will-v-my-will.001 That is the divine grace and love of God for without a word that is spoken, the will; the written words speaketh all.

Tried-and-Tempted Gods WillGod’s will encapsulates the amazing wisdom relating to the evolution of creation in all its glory and splendor that is filled with the magnificence of trust in the truth of life’s exemplification of the cardinal+sacred writ that humbly elucidates, God’s will as God will; we will God, God will we; we will goodwill for goodwill is God’s will; to will good is to will God; will divine, the divine will, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Dusshera, Dus Heera, Diamonds, Thy Minds, Living in our Divine Light

Goodness is about characterHappy Dusshera, Happy Vijaya Dashami

The Apex to the Capex, Life is a Playground? Life is a Plough Ground! Farmers, Form Us, From Us

This Life Represents the Kala (Art) of Living our Glorious Heritage Committedly with a Pure Intent of practicing Devotion, Discipline, Righteousness and Sincerity

Dusshera refers to the festival of the victoriousness of goodness that is annually celebrated (as a matter of fact, it is intuitively celebrated in each and every moment of our lives infinitely). This year it is being celebrated on 3 October 2014 respectively. When reflecting upon its essence, we are inspired to realize that it commemorates  the triumph of good over evil; symbolizing the vanquishing of the negative tendencies. Dus refers to ten and heera to diamond.


Jai Maa Durga, Jai Mata Di, Victory to the Mother Divine; Jai Shri Ram, Jai Jai Ram, Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram, Victory to Lord Shri Rama and to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely.


This marks the day when the effigy of Ravana (demon king) is set ablaze. This crusade also symbolizes in our daily lives, the eternal prevalence of goodness, of righteousness as well as the ascent towards the pinnacle of vanquishing of the emotions and feelings of anger, bitterness, envy, hatred, jealousy, resentment and suppression of negative emotional tendencies. It is liberating oneself of characteristics and virtues that one may have, is and maybe continuing to carry such as intense dislike and malice forth quite ignorantly towards one’s ownself and others.

77f5832e0d134d7c-688-GoodnessHDTRemember, the more that we resist, the more the persistence that confronts us eventually, where we are embattled with various aspects that we ourselves create, recreate and then we ourselves will need to diminish and eradicate through penance, paying the price and observance of a disciplined code of conduct, where we gradually embrace the pure intents and seek to release the ill will by the process of maturity and realization.


Ravana had ten heads (it is not about how many heads or minds; it is about one head that is right ahead, always practicing righteousness and one mind that is affixed and focused intently; consciously aware of what we are thinking, of what we are doing, of what we are expressing; the sat chit anand; the ekagratta (one pointedness of the mind with a pure intent always) and here the captioned title refers to the dus heera (heera’s translational definition is a diamond); ten diamonds; as well as a colloquial reference to the mind which can be trained to awaken to the virtuosity of our being. Indeed, this is how it is, the mind enjoys when we listen to our favorite music and have we ever wondered conversely that the muse (artists inspiration); the muse seek is in joy when we listen to our right (correct)  frame of mind as well.

images110 whispers-act-of-goodnessEquilibrium

There needs to be a strategic balance; an harmonious equilibrium established; an equipoise of calmness, goodwill, harmonious serenity prevalent for our mind to be able to rationally discern between what’s right and what’s wrong as well as what’s correct and what’s righteous.


On one hand its about being pious, observing the sacredness of our life supreme and being devoted to the grace of God that shines forth from within our being and on the other hand, it is about being practical and living our dharma(duties) to fulfill our karma(deeds).


We are living in this world with our words but likewise we are also living in our words with this world, so while being in the world, lets pay a conscious and realized attention to our words, the words that we think of, reflect upon, express as well as keep conversing and communicating with and then let us also pay a greater careful degree of attentiveness to the world in our words, for we are deriving energy through our nutritious food along with our scope of interactive exchanges between  the ten elements of nature which are air, consciousness, earth+environment, energy+gravity, fire, light, metal, space, wood and water.

learned about honesty and integrityPrimordial

The consonance of our lives is remarkably affected by the consonance approach towards the abode of our nature as well as the nature of our abode respectively. Remember that we are all interconnected through the karmic factors and the gravitational forces that manifest evolutionarily are representing the flow flow of energy following its primordial pathways along the space of breath as well as the breadth of space amazingly.


Some people think that this life is only a playground, playing all along? without realizing that every game and tournament/match has its rules and regulations and while ensuring observance of a fair and good sportsmanship, there dawns forth the realization that life is a plough ground as well.With reference to the apex here in these contexts, it humbly seeks to refer to the accountability, the karmic factor and capex intends to refer to the consequentiality; the fabled sayings of good begets good; what we reap is what we sow; what goes round, comes around too; what we hope and wish for others manifests in our lives too without the necessary diligence and responsible set of initiatives of course; the law of cause and effect and so on and so forth, for like the law of gravity and every other element of energy that magnificently abounds, there is the abundance of the reservoir of goodwill; the divine will that remains enshrined within the sanctity and sacredness of our true self remarkably.

goodness post_experiencing-gods-goodness-400x400Methodical

Remember the farmer diligently ploughing and tilling the land, striving like a master craftsman, attending to the land and crops very most affectionately and considerately yet methodically by also awaiting the seasonal cycles to reap the harvest and not expediting any cycles or seasonal changes just on the basis of fancies or whims, neither prejudices or any sort or types of bias, there is the pure element and only pureness that flows true and through in each and every initiative excellently.


Likewise, we have the precious opportunities of irrigating the landscapes of our lives, cultivating a healthy mind and body, harvesting harmoniousness, joyfulness and progressive accomplishments in our lives is akin to the farmers way, namely; the paths we opt to embrace and believe in thereby nurturing our creative brilliance, greatness and wonderfulness consistently. It all starts with what seeds we plant in our minds, beliefs and trust that will slowly grow and glow with the graceful advent of evolution provided we are earnestly following the rules and utilizing our diligence, prudence and wisdom in making the right choices and correct decisions vigilantly.


Where it concerns the diamonds, it humbly seeks to refer to the magnificent wealth of virtues that remain ensconced within our true nature; as we mediate and expand+raise our consciousness, we realize far much more than we may have ever imagined regarding the astounding brilliance and creative competence of intellectual faculties that we have been endowed with and while nobly living our dharma(duties) and earnestly+faithfully fulfilling our karma(deeds), we come across the incredible diamonds in our daily lives, some of which are relating the practice of the virtues of acceptance; of admiration; of appreciation; of awareness; of compassion; of commitment; of conscientiousness; of courage; of dedication; of devotion; of diligence; of equanimity; of forgiveness; of gratitude; of graciousness; of hope; of happiness; of humor; of humility, of joyfulness; of kindness; of love; of loyalty; of patience; of perseverance; of prudence; of politeness; of responsibility; of sincerity; of tenacity; of truthfulness; of vigilance and of wisdom. There are various treasures that we have inherited, in here;hear it is; listen to our higher self, it will reveal to us the greatest of treasures is encompassed within living our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values, our divine vision, our divine will and our divine wisdom infinitely; they are greater than any diamond that could ever be discovered for living our divine essence embodies all the greatest of treasures and wealth including prizes, awards and rewards that we could ever achieve and attain posthumously, God bless.

©2004 Vashi Chandi