God’s Will, God Will

god-will-make-a-way god-will-provide-550x320Life’s faith will show you the way where the way faith is in your life will show you God.

Showing refers to revelation of the will for in the will is the reflection of God’s grace. It is the will of God that God wills; while knowing God, you will and knowing will you God; knowing God, you will God’s will for you.

Gods-will-v-my-will.001 That is the divine grace and love of God for without a word that is spoken, the will; the written words speaketh all.

Tried-and-Tempted Gods WillGod’s will encapsulates the amazing wisdom relating to the evolution of creation in all its glory and splendor that is filled with the magnificence of trust in the truth of life’s exemplification of the cardinal+sacred writ that humbly elucidates, God’s will as God will; we will God, God will we; we will goodwill for goodwill is God’s will; to will good is to will God; will divine, the divine will, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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