God’s Soul, So Will God

68a74dc60d0ba3d4f8ab527980ba57a9_1024Antar Aatmaa, Paramaatmaa; The Supreme Soul

Antar Aatmaa, Paramaatmaa.

The translation of the above refers to the following: – Within the soul dwells the supreme soul.

The personal soul seeks validation all around while the supreme soul values our divine essence and vision.

5961dc51c61f42471cadfcdd15d21787As we expand and raise our consciousness, experiencing our sacred heart’s wisdom, we will realize that we have and always remain in divine union with the supreme consciousness; what separates and create a duality instead of non duality always remains our own choice and at our discretion; what prevents us from witnessing and experiencing the oneness is the predominance of the ego from a perspective of denial and self imposed illusion.

We have descended on the earth to fulfill our commitments and not only to remain committed to our fulfillment. Repeat this yet again for added emphasis since fulfilling our commitments is about the devotion towards our commitments and committed to our fulfillment is about improving ourselves; this is the sanctification process. It is the ascension, the process of self realization that represents an significant aspiration and cherished objective consistently.

doing-what-you-love-Wayne-Dyer-Picture-QuoteCommitments refers to our sacred duties while fulfillment to our score of deeds; as we know and may have noticed that when we have a better understanding and realize, we experience pure joy whereas when we achieve some satisfaction upon deriving some pleasure, we do not attain the infinite joyfulness that comes from honoring our primordial agendas; our soul knows for its wisdom of consciousness is eternally on a quest to align with its divine essence which is the supreme soul magnificently.

imsThe above is an expression of what emerges through my consciousness, likewise each and every soul has its own adaptation, as well as perception and understanding at the surface level; however at the core level, all divergence disappears and the various opinion collate to reflect and resonate there are three determinant factors of being, existence and evolution which are “purity, righteousness and the truth”. Remember everything is pure in its essence and so are you, therefore when you express your purity, you will likewise experience your evolutionary growth in grace  and wisdom amazingly.

you_dont_have_a_soul_you_are_a_soul_postcard-p239223495667372741z8iat_400_181154845Amongst the above, the most pivotal and salient factor is purity for it is the seed, the nourishment and the stimulant that brilliantly energizes and infuses each and every cell of our being meritoriously. Purity is indeed one factor which whether at the human, soul or universal level is encompassing the realization of the embodiment of the divine wisdom that consistently prevails to remarkably sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of all that was, is and will ever be, God bless.

Purity is the epi center and the empowering grace of harmonious consonance. While purity is what assigns, righteousness is what designs and truthfulness is what consigns. Taking divine cue from this, what has been referenced to maybe paraphrased as follows; purity could be referred to as the creator of the divine purpose and divine vision; while righteousness as the preserver of divine grace and divine values and truthfulness as the divine wisdom and divine will of evolution.

CsTmd  The supreme soul; antar aatmaa, paramaatmaa; makes us humbly realize that where God is concerned we are all God’s children and have been empowered with remarkable courage, intellectual facilities that abound with creative proficiencies to create greater good for all of the universe. It is always the dharma (duties) as well as the karma (deeds) sequential factors that will keep unfolding in our lives to remind us that we have been born for a unique purpose, to realize and experience our true nature, our true self and our divine essence; as well as to fulfill our primordial agendas which encompasses the sacred commitments enshrined across our heart’s wisdom.

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Some individuals may state that they know better; well then it is better they now for when the now advances further ahead, it would take the state that we refer to memorably as one moment in time, far far and very far across the horizon of time, which we may keep fondly reminiscing and wishing for its return? When the moment was there, we may not have realized and permitted our ego to dominate and keep its predominance strongly suffusing each and every element with its point of understanding particularly.

Realizing God’s grace makes us reverentially bow with profound humility to the divinity within us as well as all of God’s creations. The conscious realization of our oneness with God provides us with the courageous wisdom to live our divine essence compassionately, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Karma, Dharma, Parikrama, Sow & Reap, Every Sequence has its Consequence

e2d66d8eda29baee2f10ae51935f473aWhat Goes Round & Comes Around Too/True; Cause & Effect; Every Sequence has its Consequence

Translational Definitions:- (A point to note regarding the captioned title that while every sequence follows its righteous pathway and brings forth likewise or contradictory results is actually emanating from the laws and principles governing nature and the universe. Now, whether it is a consequence or a calm sequence remains entirely upto our deeds; indeed, our deeds are extremely powerful and empowering that can imaseither leave us frantically racing to find resolutions or calmly progressing along the pathways of life with a sense of dignity, gratitude and pride at having made the right choices, at having practiced righteousness in all that we thought, in all that we sought, in all that we committed, in all that we actioned; in all that we reacted to; in all that we instituted; in all that we characterized; in all that we hoped, imagined, cherished, aspired, desired and wished for; in all that we implemented consistently precipitated likewise set of consequential factors whether at that subsequent instance/moment or much further ahead, whether in one form or another, but for sure, the law of sow and reap is precise in its attribution in its retribution without any bias, without any prejudice; with only one centeredness to ensure that the equilibrium; the calibrated balance; the equanimity, the stability and sustainability of the universe is ethically maintained, preserved and upheld earnestly, faithfully, impartially, morally and responsibly, God bless)



Parikrama=Rtumblr_mdeevv08fK1rqhou5o1_250evolution, here is refers to the Evolution and Manifestation of likewise set of aspects and happenings in our lives as we meted out to others as well.

So often, we sow oft in. From within, we create. From creation, we are the infinitude of graceful wisdom.



do-not-take-lightly-small-good-deeds-patrul-rinpocheRemember, every deed is indeed and that indeed deems what we are actually choosing and reserving for ourselves whether right now, a littler later or much further ahead; but apparently, everythink, everything and every sequence has its consequence; our abilities are answerable to their accountablities of fairness, justice and righteousness predominantly, God bless.21540-think-of-your-life-as-a-luggage-fill-it-with-good-deeds-as 263381_386510188124325_1949323897_n be84682adcaac691370c24bb63da88b1 images imges ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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