Karma, Dharma, Parikrama, Sow & Reap, Every Sequence has its Consequence

e2d66d8eda29baee2f10ae51935f473aWhat Goes Round & Comes Around Too/True; Cause & Effect; Every Sequence has its Consequence

Translational Definitions:- (A point to note regarding the captioned title that while every sequence follows its righteous pathway and brings forth likewise or contradictory results is actually emanating from the laws and principles governing nature and the universe. Now, whether it is a consequence or a calm sequence remains entirely upto our deeds; indeed, our deeds are extremely powerful and empowering that can imaseither leave us frantically racing to find resolutions or calmly progressing along the pathways of life with a sense of dignity, gratitude and pride at having made the right choices, at having practiced righteousness in all that we thought, in all that we sought, in all that we committed, in all that we actioned; in all that we reacted to; in all that we instituted; in all that we characterized; in all that we hoped, imagined, cherished, aspired, desired and wished for; in all that we implemented consistently precipitated likewise set of consequential factors whether at that subsequent instance/moment or much further ahead, whether in one form or another, but for sure, the law of sow and reap is precise in its attribution in its retribution without any bias, without any prejudice; with only one centeredness to ensure that the equilibrium; the calibrated balance; the equanimity, the stability and sustainability of the universe is ethically maintained, preserved and upheld earnestly, faithfully, impartially, morally and responsibly, God bless)



Parikrama=Rtumblr_mdeevv08fK1rqhou5o1_250evolution, here is refers to the Evolution and Manifestation of likewise set of aspects and happenings in our lives as we meted out to others as well.

So often, we sow oft in. From within, we create. From creation, we are the infinitude of graceful wisdom.



do-not-take-lightly-small-good-deeds-patrul-rinpocheRemember, every deed is indeed and that indeed deems what we are actually choosing and reserving for ourselves whether right now, a littler later or much further ahead; but apparently, everythink, everything and every sequence has its consequence; our abilities are answerable to their accountablities of fairness, justice and righteousness predominantly, God bless.21540-think-of-your-life-as-a-luggage-fill-it-with-good-deeds-as 263381_386510188124325_1949323897_n be84682adcaac691370c24bb63da88b1 images imges ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

©2014 Vashi ChandiBysJI2aIIAA07LB.png large

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