God’s name in vain?

10671449_319448738239075_727802731982480798_nWhy do some people use God’s name in vain please?

Our veins have God’s name inscribed across them, so aimlessly taking God\s name for each and every incident in our lives that really does not justify at all would be showing to God that we do not completely trust the divine vision and divine wisdom that we have been endowed with.

Chanting God’s name is completely different; that is the sacred worship; devotionally elucidating God’s glorious greatness and not placing demands on God or intending to engage in an irrelevant dialogue and negotiation that is only aiming for protecting, promoting and safeguarding solely one’s interests; and then reflecting upon universal interests, when being reminded?

God would love to speak to us when there is true essence in our speech, rather than idle pursuits, mere requests and favors, trivial instances of mundane events or the aspiration for material riches and luxuries.

God has already provided us with the amazing capabilities to discern and create (Remember the fabled adage; God helps those who help themselves) – the resourcefulness; the diligence and prudence;’ the earnest living with a sense of commitment and purpose; for the providence of God is infinite in its graciousness whereby we experience the great fulfillment in each and every breath when we practice righteousness in all that we think, express and implement as well as live our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values, our divine vision, our divine wisdom and our divine will infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Human Life: Ages and Stages; Childhood, Adulthood, Elderhood; Being Truly Yourself

csophielumen2014The Grace of Age, The Age of Grace, Aging Gracefully by Earnest Fulfillment of our Respective Commitments

Seek to Observe, You will Better Understand; Seek to Understand, You will Observe Better

As children, we sought. As adults, we sorted. As elders, we came back to the childhood state of sought, by re seeking instead of resorting.

affirmation457Why is this so? The behavior, the habitual tendencies and remarkable mannerisms? We live in a complete circle and unless we fully circulate back to where we came from, we are unable to actually form what we purely intend.

As we grow in age, we keep reflecting upon the age hood of what was; in childhood, we aspire and dream of adulthood; then in adulthood likewise, we conversely and affectionately reminisce and cast forth a desirous outlook upon our carefree childhood and the fairyland; and yet further ahead in our elderly hood as we become senior citizens, we are lead all the way back most to our childhood; so all in all, it is the childhood days that always score the most points and memorable moments of our lives.

e1b68df2f16e4fa9a729529ff32c4817Actually each age hood is truly joyful where we enjoy different states of being provided we learn to accept, embrace and fulfill our respective commitments since wherever it maybe, however it maybe; whether with our lifestyle or otherwise, everything is remarkably affected by the beliefs we adopt and then how we actually understand those beliefs and truly shoulder our respective responsibilities.

laughingLet us carefully observe and realize that this is very much about what we leave pending at each phase and stage of our lives; Suppose we pledge and promise to attend to a particular aspect of our lives and then after a while completely forget about it, well the oath dwells in the background and then yet another swearing of lofty promises, goals and targets that we will achieve and accomplish, that we will persevere more seriously with the elements of due diligence, prudence, discipline and wisdom; but voila, yet again, somewhere along the way, we yet again further burden the load of incomplete agendas and assignments.

b9e80e0fb404077e3b718d7570b645bfThis keeps accumulating until a certain point where we forget the layers and layers of commitments that have alarmingly piled up demanding and seeking our earnest attendance and diligent but responsible completion safely and vigilantly. That becomes quite a task, having so many aspects unfolding in our lives, one after another?

That is why, where we are, let us learn to accept and realize and with a sense of glad fulfillment attend to our respective commitments with a sense of purpose, principled approach, observance of our values and courageously and wisely follow the methodical procedures while ensuring abidance of the respective laws, rules and regulations governing national and international jurisdictions, including those of nature and the universe as well.

life-memories-quotes-picturesOnce we live with conscious awareness and keep earnestly striving and duly attending to our respective agendas, assignments and duties in an orderly and responsible manner, then each stage of life will appear and become that much more enjoy full and then we will be glad that we sought the path of acknowledging our respective sacred commandments which always inspire us to live our divine purpose, to live our divine principles, to live our divine values, to live our divine vision, to live our divine wisdom and to live our divine will which always refers to living our divine essence by ensuring a meticulous observance of our dharma (duties) to fulfill our karma (deeds), practicing righteousness in all that we think, do, express and implement consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi