The Joy of Visualization, Aura, Auraa

3b8ccfe738220f35a5c6bb2b61646808The Human Energy Consciousness Syndrome

The translational definition of Aur refers to more and Auraa refers to much more. In a way, it is beckoning more and more of the goodness as well as awakening to the greatness and gracefulness of our pure being-fulness. As we radiate, so are we radiating back to ourselves as well, remember energy flow where our pure intent; our focus; our attention goes. When we consciously realize the essence of what we truly seek, then we precipitate the likewise forms and forces of energies to strengthen our yielding of the desired manifestations and results that we strive and aspire for amazingly.

Screen Shot 2012-04-15 at 16.57.16 Thinking-Of-You-39 When-i-get-down-i-need-to-remind-myself-of-thisAuraa is not about materialization or manifestation of any greed but it is a sacred creed that dwells upon the infinite possibilities prevalent within the human, spatial and universal realms regarding creation of greater good upon the basis of meritorious initiatives and dedicated intelligent and responsible efforts that are resourcefully harnessing and orchestrating one another’s capabilities for the greater good, progress and welfare of one and all compassionately and selflessly; the doctrine that exemplifies the service of all forms of God’s creations reverentially for the God as well as the consciousness that is in you is in all of us as well; the difference being that some of us realize it sooner, some of us in between time and some of us later, but consciously realize we do and when we do/true; we wonder what took us so long to accept and realize our own selves and others as children of God? What made us neglect our duties? What made us elude our beliefs, our faith and our divine essence? It took a few moments to conclude but the conclusion brought us greater joy, peace of mind, serene tranquility, calmness and most of all the pure intent of continually creating greater good and achievements for the celebration of God’s gracefulness at being one in the divine union with our own selves and others.

20130508-211209It is permitting the effulgent radiance of our aura; our divine light to shine through in living our divine values that exemplifies the practice of righteousness in all that we think, do, express and implement consistently.

Aura represents our intellectual faculties, inspiring us to ensure that our mind, body and spirit are in alignment; in harmonious- balance with our true nature and our true self principally; rather than seeking to discover more about the aura’s of others; for what we realize in ourselves projects and reflects itself back to us in our interactions and engagement with others as well; like a ripple effect, where we are attracting events, people and incidents into our lives that are in harmony with our true nature and this is not about creating something extraordinary but about being authentic right from the core, about being our divine essence all the way always; It is about being true to our nature as well as nature to the truth of life’s devotional essence, meaning that we ascribe to the truth as it is and not as we see it, it is not about any convenient truth or modified truth or illusion fragments of the truth; it is truth that is pure and emanating as well as expressing itself from our soulful essence.

995578_737528336276007_1544345098_nWhy the rather because where vibrational tendencies are concerned and emanating from our consciousness and physique, they comprise of the element of sacred pureness, so when we ignore our own selves and get busy in trying to correct others? to improve others? to berate others? to envy others? to resent others? to hate others? to experience jealousy or rage towards others? or to express bitterness towards others? all and much more of these negative tendencies is what we attract back multi fold into our lives. It is like from nothing at all, we are creating a mountain full of negative energies and vibrations and then voila, we have the karmic factor also demanding accountability, so apart from paying the price, we are adding the baggage, the overload of certain emotional feelings and memories across our consciousness challengingly, but why? Why are we integrating our lives with more of what belongs to someone else righteously?

04a5c5ac48f901dd8cefeb6a2b9117d4Rather, if we desire, then let us aspire and work towards the respective goals and objectives diligently, prudently, responsibly, righteously, sincerely, truly and wisely; since that very same energy can help us create or desecrate and completely dis integrate what our Parents took a lifetime, what our Teachers took a lifetime, what our Communities and, Societies along with millions of  people like us, took a lifetime to educate us, to teach us, to realize and value the process of each and every moment of this sacred life and to honorably fulfill our commitments by living our divine essence.

Truly reflecting upon one another’s greatness while diligently striving to earnestly fulfill our respective commitments and contributing to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of our universe is reciprocated and reflected back towards us like a mirror. This is the harmonious orientation and synergistic expression of each and every pulse of our experiencing its impulse.

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Here comes forth the illumination, the healing factor also in our lives where we radiate across energy within our complete being and then with those pure elements of our consciousness, we are able to transcend and reach across gracefully in sending forth the goodness and purity of well being to millions of people for we are all souls; divine beings of light filled with pure sacred energy and as we express our divinity, we experience our graceful evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom remarkably.

Remember that vayu (air/energy) purely connects everything in the universe. This is the Shiva(pure) Shakti(divine energy) that evokes the conscious awareness of the human intellect, heart, intelligence, mind, physique and soul to harmoniously align its chakras(frequencies)with the cosmic truth which emanates and sustains the evolution of the cosmos amazingly.

d0364d50bb9ac0e04536eff6a0321dc9 d2477e9947066d28d78bf92bde08522c hsbrucelee2We see an image through one eye while looking yet through at another and magnificently at the very same instance the third vision of ours is beheld by our minds intuitive eye adding an infinite depth to the divine grace of our human potential and divine values ingeniously.

hssadhana5 images indexAura represents the amazing integral radiance of the pureness of our being; the innate(from within) effulgence(brilliance) of the spirit of life reflectively expressing its intuitive essence that orchestrates our precise alignment with the environment within as well as all around us.



As human beings we are gravitating towards light and then likewise light is gravitating toward us. All along this process, there is an extremely important factor which is carefully understanding the process of energy with particular attention to the astral (space) light, the astral (space) energy and the astral (space) realm.

quote-glamour-that-trans-human-aura-or-power-to-attract-imitation-is-a-kind-of-vessel-into-which-dreams-arthur-miller-284948Across the astral plane prevails the realms of our higher consciousness. This is where souls continue their journey towards paradise upon completion of their earthly meritorious sojourns; some of us, while being within this body and with our mind are able to during meditation, expand our consciousness and raise it to the level of the divine light, transcending across the platforms of divergent energies and realize that it is a space of continuum, it is a passage of timelessness, there is no physical interaction, emotions or feelings on that level; all that is there is the pure intent of our consciousness and the graceful wisdom of our intuitive faculties; its like a epic-marathon journey across the spheres of time and space, connecting with the oneness and experiencing the prana shakti (life force divine energy) consciousness intelligently aligning with and at phenomenal frequencies that are far beyond recapitulation or recreation, for on that platform all that evolves is effortless and subscribes to its noble path of soul qualities, there is no name, there is no physique, there is no status, there are what we can refer to as the divine order; the divine will; the divine wisdom and the divine grace that is graciously prevalent and harmoniously suffusing each and every sphere of our being miraculously.

yogi-bhajan94bc7d68c32c8998100e725f455c18cfOur being indeed, since this is the being that is our astral body that is a reservoir of unconditional love and joy for all of God’s creations infinitely.  Like on and across any platform, one should be careful to observe the rules, laws and regulations governing national and international jurisdictions including those of nature and the universe; not just adventurously or imaginatively or even otherwise venture, here, there or anywhere; remember life is not an escapade, it is a realization where we have to live with our feet on the ground and with due diligence, prudence, responsibility, rationality, tenacity, truthfulness and wisdom.

We should never get fascinated and engage in any aspect or method of any science or exploration or even any method that is beyond our understanding without professional qualified guidance because this is our real life which has real values and living in and along with reality is what life is truly all about.

There is truly so much more that one can keep reflecting upon and imagining, but then it is appropriate to first of all fulfill our commitments earnestly; living our dharma (duties) to fulfill our karma (deeds) and when the time and space become one and radiate their creative brilliance from within our being due to our meritorious initiatives, we will realize the magnificent essence of our lives and gracefully resonate; aura, auraa, God bless.

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness and wisdom always, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi