Balance and Life’s Engineering

35747390762083747_jNHtZKVF_cYour truth is where your life put you. Your input is where you support your life.

Input can refer to attitude+attentiveness+awareness+courage+diligence+discipline+prudence+righteousness+sincerity

+tenacity+truth,  wisdom and various other simple as well as strategic factors respectively, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Amitabh Bachchan, Bachpan Se Ab Tak, Sat Vachchan hi Sat Vachchan

Dear Amitji,ffffffffffffffffeee

Wishing you a Happy 72nd Birthday filled with a vision of good health, happiness and wisdom always.

(A humble effort to translate the quote featured alongside herewith by Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchanji reads as follows: (any errors, please excuse) – Quote – By diligently+prudently+committedly striving and making conscious efforts based upon one’s true nature, one’s progressive victories are remarkably sustained)

Like the captioned title affectionately reminisces upon the remarkable journeys of your prestigious milestones, we are delighted to appreciatively reflect upon the honorable greatness as well as the cherished gracefulness of your everloving Parents, Shrimati Teji Harivansh Bachanji and Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchanji’s noble radiant visions; as you proudly carry forth their legacies; true to your words in practicing righteousness and fulfilling the sat (truth) vachchan (vows) of living your lifes divine fulfilling essence very most committedly and characteristically.

From bachpan (childhood) se ab tak (until now), millions of people have been inspired (and millions more will continue to be inspired) by your remarkable dedication, disciplined efforts and devotion to your Parents and Loving Family. We thank you for making all of us as part of your extended Family and wish you goodness, wellness and goodwill always, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Being One, Becoming Divine Oneness, Advaita, Non Duality

b5a64859d28fc443127590e35788eac4Realize what you are releasing for that is what is becoming your reality. The from being one to becoming divine oneness is the elevated shift in consciousness; the privileged self realization process that we have been bestowed/endowed with and earnestly need to awaken to consciously. Privileged since it requires the disciplined intense focus that is meticulously observant and encompassing the pure intent of practice of righteousness in all that is thought, expressed and implemented with a perspective of devotional sacredness. If you are holding onto certain beliefs and practices, then your life will like a mirror identically reflect those particular set of events, experiences, happenings, instances, outcomes and results respectively.

igesSome people may shrug their shoulders and state so what; well what sow will become what is reaped as well; there is acceptance that prevails, denial is not recognized by nature and the universe when it is against the doctrines and tenets relating to the true essence of our lives.


As mentioned above, tOnenesshe captioned title humbly seeks to refer to the devotional practice of expanding and raising our consciousness to the level of the divine light, to thereby realize and experience the infinite depth of the sacred grace of our human potential and divine purpose, divine principles, divine values, divine vision, divine will and divine wisdom ingeniously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Occupy Central? The Umbrella? Realize Responsibilities Please!

imagesThe umbrella symbolizes shade. Its unique representation of reasonably shielding against different weather conditions objectively defines its purposefulness. By diligently striving and truly abiding by the respective rules, laws and regulations; we are honoring the shade that we are experiencing.


mzl.qscfkqzs.480x480-75Taking this in contextual reference of our lives, the very same umbrella can either be shedding the shade or shedding the light depending upon our observational perspectives where when intuitively reflecting upon our intellectual paradigms, we realize the process is multi dimensional.

We see an image through one vision while another reflects back its shadow based upon what we have been intently gleaming and then yet comes forth the subsequent set of opinions, perspectives and divergent references that seek to define their prerogatives in seeking to compel our visualization remarkably?

accept responsibility for your life know that it is you who will get you where you want to go copyTime and again, it is about making authentic choices, taking responsible decisions diligently as well as prudently and truly accepting our life’s graceful evolution for we bear an privileged set of responsibilities that we carry on our shoulders and need to fulfill our commitments in a dignified manner consistently.


imaesWith each day of our lives, we are fortunate to be able to expand our consciousness to realize the infinite depth of the divine grace of our human potential and divine values ingeniously. Let us seek to practice righteousness in all that we think, do, express and implement consistently.

What can ever be achieved by putting forth ultimatums please? Let us endeavor to contribute to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of Hong Kong by realizing that China always has had, is having and will continue to have the best and fair interests of Hong Kong and its People at heart; when will we truly reciprocate this privileged trust and earnestly shoulder the responsibilities nobly without engaging in any civil disobedience or protests please.

imagsBelieving in moral values and seeking to sustain the visions of remarkable principles that we have inherited calls for practice of righteousness in all that we think, do, express and implement.

Let us seek to utilize our courageous wisdom to discuss in a cordial and peaceful manner for the whole world is watching and when we watch our words at one point in time, we will be wondering why did we ever have to embark upon instrumentally precipitating such forms and types of actions and initiatives that are contradicting our true nature for Hong Kongers are admired globally for their enterprising spirit, remarkable characteristics, committed principles and values along with striving to add to the wealth of amazing achievements and progressive milestones that they meritoriously attain.

1eleanorroosevelt100940 henryford121985 th168When students be students by diligently representing pure academic aspirations instead of political ideologies, then the society will be the society they always envisioned and a lot of constructive developments could be thereby realized.

gustavus-quoteComing to the captioned, it is about being reasonable for responsibility s what life is all about. The character of our being provides us with adequate  resources to embark on pathways that are a source of goodwill, harmony and welfare for one and all, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi