Belongings and Ourselves

202From Ditti to Aditti, Life’s Vritti is the Riti of Prakriti, Stuti and Parineeti

Translational Definitions

Ditti = Finite; Aditti =  Infinite; Vritti = Infinite Consciousness

Riti = Process; Prakriti = Nature; Stuti = Prayer; Parineeti = Validation

d4f0b24acce2e5dcebc51a6640c8e7fbTranslated Segment of the captioned title reads as follows:-

From Finite to Infinite, Life’s Infinite Consciousness is the Process of Nature, Prayer and Validation

Indeed, all across life the desire of humanity to feel approved, safe and secure; the quest for self esteem, self worth and validation remain pivotal.


igesIf a person keeps seeking approval and validation from everyone else without actually approving and validating one’s own self; then regardless of how much ever recognition and milestones one may reach and attain, there will remain forever the quest for greater fulfillment incessantly.

self-worth-3 One’s self worth emanates from within one’s true nature, one’s true self and one’s divine essence. Be kind and considerate, courteous and dignified in practicing righteousness

Speaking of belongings and ourselves, many of us are keen to keep a track of what are our belongings, we become intensely passionate about everything that belongs to us and think and imagine that all of that we have myou-are-worthy-self-worth-quoteseritoriously strived for will accompany us even beyond eternity?

In this pursuance, the most important belonging, which is the true belongingness; the validation and approval of one’s own self is reflected upon when one attains self realization, but then even much before that, this very moment, the now in our life also provides us the great privilege of approving and validating ourselves, so what are we waiting for? who are we waiting for? to seek the sacred approval and validation of our ownselves?

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Right from this moment onwards, realize that you belong to yourself purely and that your greatest belongings and possessions are your soul qualities and virtues which are remarkably enriched and strengthened by being true to your nature as well as nature to your truth, by living your dharma (duties) with performance of your karma (deeds); live your divine essence and cherish the priceless gift of the precious moments you have been bestowed with by resourcefully utilizing all that you have been given n sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe infinitely. While realizing all the important aspects, never forget that we are all interconnected since what we think, do, feel, express and implement affects us as much as it may affect others in someway or another, which bring forth the realization that whatever we do, we must consciously and conscientiously engage in the respective process with utmost diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and wisdom respectively.

mark-victor-hansen-quote_15746-0Its not about belonging in one moment enthusiastically and then ignoring in another because of some developments. Why this has been mentioned is because some individuals during recitation of stuti (prayer) if particular aspects are not manifesting and unfolding as one desires, one may keep feeling why they are facing certain situations and keep vacillating between  acceptance, devotion, denial and realization? The belonging must be pure and consistent right throughout for it is sincerely our tendencies that are radiating certain frequencies to nature, to the universe and then what is coming back is likewise set of factors and element on a magnified basis. As we feel proud to belong to what we love, let us feel the love of belonging truly as well for when we honor that sacredness that dwells within us, we experience a sense of joy and divine fulfillment that makes each and every moment of our lives a memorable celebration of God’s grace magnificently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi