Parents, Realize the Love, Love the Real Life’s Vision

158707_20131101_091024_tmp_540993741422461382  home2 Parents-Happiness-Inspirational-Thoughts-with-Pictures xmasfamilyFalling in Love with our Parents all Over Againapologize,quote,you,apologizing,forget,forgive-dadbe59c281ab95c49a7ec45a42f5ce9_h

Some people fall in love with who they admire and tragically forget their Parents? How come?







And yet again, the very same people further ahead fall in love with their Parents again who they adore and realize they are love!

So it is it the realization of love that helps to see while the love of life’s real vision that helps the insight to evolve, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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