Impossible? Possible! Pure Intent and Righteousness, The Divine Components

Sambhav (Possible), Asambhav (Impossible), Shudd Bhav (Pure Intent)

With Shudd Bhav (Pure Intent) and the practice of Righteousness in all that we Think, Do, Express and Implement; Life is a Celebration of Joyful Realized Possibilities

Feelings and Fulfillment, Graceful Evolution









When our thoughts, emotions and feelings are pure in their essence, fulfillment unfolds, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Realize, Life is an Echo

Echo of Life, Life of Core, Live Of Course

Eco Friendly is good for Nature, the Environment, the Universe and all of Us

Friendly Echo is understood for Crowning Glory of Humanity’s Graceful Evolution; Remember your Friendship with Yourself and Others Truly, Be the Promise, Promise the Being, God bless

Core humbly seeks to refer to our core values and regarding of course, if a single alphabet is added to it such as “of+f”=off” then the results will be likewise, off course; and the implications, the ramifications and the outcomes of this could be completely beyond grasp or management at times please; the choices are ours but so are the consequences, so think well, do well, and with compassion, conscious awareness, conscientiousness, due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and true wisdom, God bless.


Accept you, you are accepted.

Admire you, you are admired.

.Appreciate you, you are appreciated.

Believe you, you are believed.

Bless you, you are blessed.

Care you, you are cared.

life-is-an-echoChallenge you, you are challenged.

Cherish you, you are cherished.

Create you, you are creation.

Commit you, you are committed.

Compare you, you are compared.

Like-an-Echo-HQCompete you, you are competent.

Compel you, you are compelled.

Consider you, you are considered.

11139034493_65396d4a69_zDeserve you, you are deserved.

Devote you, you are devoted.

Discipline you, you are disciplined.

Educate you, you are educated.

Endure you, you are endurance.

e9db8ac24c8385678bdef5b372f2beccFaith you, you are faithful.

Feel you, you are felt.

Free you, you are freedom.

Good you, you are goodness.

Grateful you, you are gratitude.\

Help you, you are helped

Humble you, you are humility.

Hope you, you are hoped.

im----gesKnow you, you are known.

Liberate you, you are liberated.

Love you, you are loved.

Mind you, are mindful.

a3cL7Pure you, you are purity.

Realize you, you are realized.

Reflect you,you are reflected.

Resent you, you are resented.

Respect you, you are respected.

imae imageimages imesServe you, you are served.

Strengthen you, you are strength in; strengthened.

Study you, you are studied, studious.

Sustain you, you are sustained.

ima--gesRighteous you, you are righteousness.

Teach you, you are taught.

Thank you, you are thanked.

Thought you, you are thought.

Understand you, you are understood.

titleTrust you, you are trusted.

Worthy you, you are worthiness.

Wise you, you are wisdom; Be real, reality surrounds you, sows around you infinitely, God bless.

And so on and so forth, life goes on and on with amazing precision righteously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi