DiValiRam, Celebrating the Glorious Heritage of Moral Values

imasThere-isn’t-anything-noble-about-being-superior-to-another-person.imagesDivali, Diwali, Deepali, Deepawali, the festival of lights is being celebrated on 23 October 2014 respectively.

Di refers to the divine light while Vali refers to the divine courage and Ram refers to the divine manifestation of the supreme lord whose radiant grace represents the virtue of virtues remarkably.

12 duties-quotesDiwali symbolizes the celebration of the victoriousness of dharma (duties), goodwill, righteousness, sincerity, truth and the creative brilliance of the human components called moral imagination, sacred values and the pure intent encompassing one another’s disciplined set of conscious choices, initiatives, efforts and primordial fulfillment that is devotionally acceptance based in the grace, greatness and gratitude of life supreme ingeniously.

imagandrewcarnegie121450Every festival brings along with it the characteristics of face the will. This humbly refers to the practice of introspection where during meditation, as we expand, elevate and raise our consciousness to the level of the divine light, we experience the oneness with the supreme consciousness where nothingness and timelessness prevails.


image355de0a038a3284fff9d383279198a36During our earthly sojourn, we are endowed with the privilege of diligently striving towards sanctifying our minds and hearts and thereby being able to perceive the visual outlook to grasp the concerned aspect from a tri dimensional vision; with one eye, we watch; with the other, we are witnessing and with the third, we are beheld in the calm and serene observational point of view.. It is thenceforth the process of self realization that dawns forth bringing us closer to ourselves and others and in the process of seeking nothing other than the grace and blessings of the divine essence enshrined within our and each and every form of God’s creations amazingly.

quote-i-believe-that-every-right-implies-a-responsibility-every-opportunity-an-obligation-every-john-d-rockefeller-jr-262482CleverFacebookStatusMindPictures-2563john-donne-quote-keep-us-lord-so-awake-in-the-duties-of-our-callingsAs we light the diyas (lamps) during Diwali, we avail the opportunity of connecting with the part, path and light of our soul as it aligns with the divine luminescence that radiates forth from each and every sphere of the Universe with its energetic chakras(energy zones) magnificently. It is honoring the glorious heritage of moral values that provide us with profound insights relating to each and every moment of our lives characteristically in divine union as we seek to cherish and celebrate the values of compassion, conscientiousness, dharma(duties), happiness, joy, peace, love and our graceful wisdom infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi