Gossip? Rumors? Speculations? Story? History? Deal with Facts Factually

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Don’t complete the story until you know the complete story for the story’s completeness might be far much more different than what is known.

People who constantly engage in futile pursuance of minding others affairs more than dealing with their own pressing interests tend to fall back far behind everyone else and then all they have left is more to keep falling far beyond?

We have been endowed with the creative intelligence to resourcefully utilize our time, our agendas, our assignments, our objectives, our duties, our chores and commitments, our responsibilities and our vocations rather than fleeing here, there and anywhere, where we may find a chance to talk about someone else, which is intending to malign the other person, but then that is a practice that is going against what’s authenticity.

So when venturing against what is real and reality the equation becomes turned right all around where whats real and whats reality will likewise turn around us as well since we sought to implicate and make fun of others with malicious intents or even for just stirring up controversies?

Really, there are far more better things to do than just engage in futile conversations relating to needless gossip, for the time of our life and the lifetime of our living could be far more better invested and spent in doing what’s true, what is authentic, what is real and what is responsible.

Sometimes, there are no second chances to do something all over again and those sometimes might become one day one of the most pressing and demanding of agendas seeking firm accountability and then what’s done could never be undone, so rather or if not sure what to do, then do not just do something for the sake of aimlessly engaging in gossip for it never has really served anyone well at all.

As the captioned statement referred to avoid engaging in speculative comments, this applies strongly at many a time for by the time we realize the time is gone and then we are left with regrets and lamenting that why we ever did what we did? Why we spent so much of our precious time in pursuing what was not at all constructive or beneficial or in the better interests of one another? Well, its your choice, choose well to be chosen well, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Universal Consciousness, Eternal Oneness, Namastasyei Namo Namah

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The complete universe is one consciousness.When we become truly conscious, we experience the oneness that is very much all around us, so well and very much within our true self as well.

Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namah. The translational definition of this is as follows, we bow with respectful reverence to the image of God enshrined within the realms of our true nature; as well as the sacredness of the divine essence that pervades all across the universe magnificently, glory to God and God’s greatness, God’s gracefulness, God’s vision, God’s will, God’s goodwill and God’s wisdom always, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi