You, Yourself and Us, Truly Understanding Ourselves, Godowns? God Owns!

7da8b94784d29b63645593a467ffe0eeSomethings we accept, somethings we realize and somethings  in+across the evolution of each process, we internalize.

Internalize means how we make ourselves feel, think, know and thereby permitting those particular set of beliefs, convictions,definitions, emotions, intents, interpretations and understandings to become the integral part of our character.

In one word, its about what we are storaging withing ourselves and then letting those stores become warehouses/godowns of suppressed reservoirs of anxieties, tendencies and vices?



b67087179e538a02706830273177bbc6One of the definitions of godown refers to a warehouse. God has bestowed us, endowed us with priceless intellectual faculties to utilize our wisdom to experience our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom and not to keep burdening our hearts with tremendous loads and strains of intensified set of mysterious incidents (n seed dents?) over and over and over and over again please!

de0c786a73056867c2288c37972e2f43Seek to consciously awaken for this is your precious life, carefully understand and take charge; do the very best for yourself and others; do not pity yourselves or take shelter in shielding or isolating yourselves from society or from your very own selves, rather understand that the society, the community, the world and the universe that you live in is a part of your Family; however it all starts with what is internalizing; what you are whether knowingly or unknowingly permitting to become part and path of your character and characteristics? please.

Its your choice, its your life and then it is the consequences and the prices that you will have to pay but also the awards, the rewards, the prestigious milestones, the accolades and the achievements; the dreams of a lifetime that you can realize, but at each and every step you need to be consciously aware of what you are thinking, doing, feeling and internalizing for what sets in gets in set and then appears as insight?

2c0f9c93da085bc7caa29b217b9a48f5How come? Our insights, our intuitive responses are supposed to be the expression of our creative intelligence, so this means that the gradual permissions that we gave to certain tendencies such as feeling anger then suppressing it? feeling bitterness, then suppressing it? feeling jealousy, then suppressing it? feeling resentment, then suppressing it? so on and so forth, but then why all of this, that or what else? Why not carefully manage what is in its root to take another route which is to practice meditation on a daily basis and seek to expand and elevate, raise our consciousness and then seek God’s grace to help us improve our character and way of looking and responding to various aspects of our lives please. It includes being disciplined, being diligent, being prudent, being responsible, being sincere, being tenacious, being wise and ensuring to live our dharma (duties) to fulfill our karma (deeds); ensuring to live our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values, our divine vision and our divine wisdom infinitely for its not only about godowns and what God owns by itself, it is also about what we are owning upto; owning upto, we are what.

6ee562df2cf850ae501ebff15c9ad78a 8e646eccab8c5b1ebc5303c6fe6c2571 c508d4fed9fef0ac1825ec2926601a4c cbe2f620dfca4dc7894061dda1946c70 d04be86da618065495c8f0f6b8cf4c5e fa37b6793ee90ee933870b4c34e90e92Its truly so much about our core beliefs and values that we need to introspect and look within our higher selves, our true nature and our trueselves to consciously and conscientiously awaken to the magnificent wealth of wisdom that remains ensconced within the realms of our divine essence and nurture those precious characteristics in practicing righteousness with a pure intent in all that we think, do, express and implement consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi