Democratic Values, Value Democracy; Universal Goodwill, Harmony and Welfare

26b6674c12caace8da8f5335a446d767Democratic values represent our moral conscience. Once we conscientiously strive to honor, recognize, respect, uphold and nobly sustain the virtues of compassion, morality, righteousness and wisdom within our own selves, we will witness the remarkable reflection of those sacred jewels of humanity reflecting back at one another meritoriously.

This is not about some era that has gone by, it is very much in this world that we need to firstly practice what we preach so that the foundation of the impetus that we aspire for is emanating forth from our true nature and transcending right across local, national, international and global hemispheres amazingly.








We hope and wish a lot but then those very same hopes and wishes need to be complimented by fulfilling our respective duties earnestly to be able to experience the joyfulness that we perceive in others.

Where people experience marginalization? it is apparently a manifestation of certain beliefs and converse expectancies that are unfolding within as well as all across them. They tend to forget that at some point somewhere they are the very one’s who are integrally responsible for the outlook and cross roads at which the society they are amongst remains perched delicately for they are the architects engineering their present and future yields whether through engagement, idleness or even confrontation. But why confrontation or idleness? Since during the process of observation, an individual could be able to notice what they were struggling with was actually what they were clinging onto from a bygone medieval time and were tending to repeat history by approaching the current time with an outdated mindset? With all due respect to history, this is speaking of enforcing certain ideologies and practices that one randomly imagined and then just rushed forth to cast its stature and implementation? How come? Everything follows a sacred and disciplined process, where there is the unanimous cohesion of the societal factors amongst which the most pivotal and salient is the contentment of the people for when the people are truly happy and delighted with what they already have and keep striving to resourcefully contribute towards the goodwill, harmony and welfare of themselves and others, this is their approach of living their light (divine essence) and permitting to shine through in living a purposeful life that is ensuring observance of due diligence, prudence, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and wisdom unconditionally.

804139It is the evolutionary growth of the mindset, of the consciousness of people who when awakened to the call of their true self and their divine essence reflect upon the very same aspects that they were previously facing in a more dignified and graceful manner because they realize the creative competence and growth of life is engineered by one another’s goodwill and harmonious welfare oriented initiatives consistently, remember the point is not about advocacy or debate, but rather about calm, serene and tranquil contemplation/introspection on what each and every one of us can and will sincerely contribute towards the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the world committedly, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi