Desperation? Fear? Panic? What have we got to lose?

quote-truth-is-first-felt-in-the-heart-before-the-mind-those-that-look-for-truth-through-the-mind-before-suzy-kassem-388254The reality of life states, What have we got, truth looks. (and it is not a personal or favorite truth, but it is truth as it is!)

Yes, the truth is relating to all that is authentic, pure and sacred; whereas illusion and fantasy or scandals – sensationality; aimless wandering may make a person feel week and thrown around by their own delusion and mis interpreted and negative thinking, emotions and feelings.

This is why, the captioned point repeats itself time again, which is:- what have we got, truth looks! and not what have we got to lose.

The paranoia or intense feelings of losing and repeatedly losing maybe something from past experiences or tragedies but that does not mean one has to keep dwelling in that state of being for our consciousness is pure and with the grace of our true nature and our true self, the glory of the divine essence, the divine wisdom and the divine vision will help us in its own way provided we are sincerely true to our nature and practice righteousness.

Consciousness is witness to the panorama of our lives, we cannot pretend and deviate from what we are actually doing, intending and meaning. So, when we are practicing all that is correct, all that is fair, all that is just (as in justice), all that is compliant to the respective laws, regulations and rules governing the national and international jurisdictions including those of the Universe, we experience a greater satisfaction for we know that we are truly doing our very best for the very best for ourselves and others promisingly.

Just reading the captioned title and then rushing to find a quick fix solution or anything that is magical or a shortcut here or a shortcut there is not the intention. It is what have we got = Truth looks, yes the vision of the truth is one that is eternal and infinite; it is pure and full of divine grace and divine wisdom.

So what have we got, truth looks and this goes on and on and on and on ……….. gloriously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi


Moments and Us

WonderThe moment in us, thus in the moment.This moment contains all moments, its momentum is full of contentment as well as commitment to the truth of life’s promise.

Let us rejoice in each and every moment by resourcefully fulfilling our respective commitments diligently, earnestly, faithfully, prudently, responsibly, sincerely, truthfully, tenaciously and wisely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi