Two Minutes, Two mine its, To mean its, One moment in Time

cbe7ee76604dbb15a6418d1dc4020a2eTaking two minutes to call and speak to someone could make a huge difference in others and our lives.

Sometimes we get so busy or entangled with the why me first that we keep postponing some of our life’s finest moments endlessly?

All it takes is humility, the true genuine care and concern, the pure intent of love, neither seeking anything or contributing anything at all other than expressing one’s gracefulness, one moment in time.

It is a selfless act and one that may have taken years and a lot of courage to overcome the egoistical tendencies and putting aside the innumerable psychological differences and yet the one who forgives is actually the one who is given forth more greater moments of life to cherish rather than the one who grudgingly holds onto the resentment.

This two minutes of course does not mean instantly or instantaneously, since if one is riding a motor vehicle or crossing the road or operating some machinery or other device, their and others safety is extremely vital and importantly paramount.

It means, that when one completes one’s respective agendas, assignments, duties and tasks on hand; then when there is ample time on hand, one could allocate at least the two precious minutes to express the minutes truth that dwells in one’s heart for then it is not the mind that speaks; it is the heart that speaks forth and does not seek anything other than expressing its contentious harmony, goodwill and abundant wishes of welfare for one and all consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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