Selfie, Pose or Poised? Attention, Attain Shine!

Selfie, Photographing the Pose! How about the Essence Please?

Are Some individuals spend hours upon extended hours endlessly posing for selfies obsessively?

The appreciation, the confidence, the self esteem and the remarkable feeling of goodness that comes from within our true nature and divine essence is genuine and spontaneous that requires no camera or composure.

We really do not need someone else’s approval to actually like our own selves or to compete with others. If we really want attention, let us strive and seek to attain shine which is the radiant graceful process of letting our pure light shine through by living a purposeful life with a sense of conscious awareness, compassion, joy, due diligence, prudence,  righteousness, sincerity and the wisdom of who we truly are.

Why compulsively spend so much of our precious time chasing and seeking to capture the fleeting images that are eluding us? Why not spend a few moments every day in letting our intuitive imaginary faculties beam across and experience the wonderfulness of living our light and leading a fulfilling life.

One image remains with us forever which is our positive self image and this is far greater than any selfie for it is ever poised gloriously in the realm of greatness; of the creative magnificence of celebrating each and every moment of life’s goodwill joyously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

World’s Problems, Global Issues, Monumental Challenges

great4The world is facing problems. A lot of the problems are actually phrased in our words. When our words truly matter, then the world will matter likewise as well.

We start with words and extend worldwide. The world starts with world wise and continues word wise as well.

Remember that the world works in precise order, so when we put+apply disciplined order in our words, it is putting the world in our words as well.

Seek to be honest and realize that where we are with our words will become where the world is with us as well, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi