God’s Word or God’s World, Where are We?

God's gifts take care
We are living in a world that is separated by religions, which are further separated by words.

We all speak in different languages to God while God speaks back to us in one language, which is the language of compassion encompassing devotion, discipline, duty, love, moral values, respect, righteousness, sincerity and the truth.

Where are we right now? Where is the world that we lived in and knew as God’s world? Let us come together to celebrate our differences as one and with our oneness let us seek to liberate our differences altogether by realizing that we are all the children of God, living in divine union with God’s word and God’s world infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

The Space Between, Life’s Chemistry, Feeling Good, Live Fulfillingly

acfb274d6b01f118a7129e361758c257There is a sacred space that is always there between our minds, hearts and soul.

Our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health  is considerably affected by this space in between where either the feelings of abundance or emptiness regulates our well being.

Feeling good is life’s fulfillment. Well, it is much more than just a statement by itself for it constitutes a world of duties, discipline and responsibilities to be able to realize and experience the goodness.

Remember that life’s expectations unfold as we expand the field and scope of our conscious awareness. So it is a matter of observing and respecting each and every process of our lives for what it truly stands; where time and again honoring the respective disciplines of each and every segment of our lives evolution is nourishing our soul.

789222c75bc17481799361c68165955cLike begets like, everything is created by a vision and then the very same vision is recreating ones own self. It may take us a lifetime to understand or the time of our lives to be understood, here is the catch.

It is “the time of our lives”; that is the space, the gap of time frame. Let us introspectively reflect upon the element of time; the time that was there then, is there now and so will it be further ahead as well; now how we actually understand this and reciprocate?

Well it is the following; that everything in life is temporary; that everything in life happens for a reason; that everything in life changes; that everything in life has a purpose; that everything in life is a choice; that everything in life is live and that most of all everything in life takes us where we belong.




Yes indeed, life takes us where we need to be. All of this brings us back to the space factor namely the time on our hands; either we are conscientiously making resourceful use of our time to create or we are just letting time go by of our hands to be awakened by the hands of time demanding accountability? Or we are responsibly living our lives with a sense of purposefulness, with the essence of our discipline and commitment towards achieving and realizing the feeling of goodness that thereby unfolds.

So the feeling good and the good feelings are associated with a systematic process where time and again discipline comes to us as the teacher, reminding us to be true to ourselves and others for it is our life that is creating the space for us or we are creating the space for our lives to unfold and experience the gracious fulfillment of the realization of our being’s aspiration to celebrate the completeness, the purposefulness,  the truthfulness and the wonderfulness of feeling the goodness of being alive meritoriously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Photos Credit: Authors Unknown