All GoodBe good to yourself and others.

This refers to being attentive, being alert, being aware, being caring, being compassionate, being considerate, being courteous, being committed, being creative, being courageous, being devoted, being divine, being humble, being dutiful, being diligent, being disciplined, being faithful, being honest, being hopeful, being focused, being intuitive, being intelligent, being just (as in justice), being joyful, being happy, being intelligent, being joyful, being kind, being love, being loyal, being meaningful, being noble, being observant, being obedient, being prudent, being purposeful, being promising, being pure (practicing purity in thoughts and actions), being responsible, being respectful, being righteous, being resourceful, being sincere, being tenacious, being truthful, being vigilant, being wise and being your true self, being your true nature, being your divine essence and living your light infinitely, being God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi