All the Information, What is All?


All the information, in formation of the all. What is all? All is the collective consciousness.

Whatever we seek, seeks us as well. Our sub conscious mind is  the soul that connects with itself in its alignment with others.

The sub conscious mind is constantly eavesdropping upon the mind of the universe while the universe is dropping leaves of information+inner formation right across the sacred ground of creation.

Being consciously aware of our sub conscious mind opens us to the field of the cosmic intelligence amazingly, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Thoughts, Feelings and Actions, The Ocean of Emotions, Consilience, Righteousness and Wisdom

727ef111fdf2515c79b6bb17fa105e55Thoughts, Feelings and Actions, Aligning with the Harmonious Oneness

Thoughts, Feelings and Actions, Realizing and Better Understanding the Process

When we are born, during our infancy we seamlessly think, feel and act as one. Then as we evolve, we expect this process to keep unfolding automatically throughout our lives?

6744bf23b84619fbcffe65f802809c2bHere comes the key factor, we need to earnestly take responsible charge regarding what we have been equipped with to move further ahead progressively; since with conscious awareness, courage, discipline, due diligence, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, truth and our wisdom as the guiding pillars we can ingeniously write instead of just witnessing the chapters of our lives unfold.

When we were young, we aspired and expanded our consciousness remarkably well. Then as we grew, we begun depending with absolute reliance on our egoism to determine the paths of our lives? Remember that the ego is the outer personality while the soul keeps helping the ego as we keep intending and there comes a time that we forget the voice of our soul and replace this with the voice of our ego, so then our ego dominates and dictates whereby our pure intent (shuddh bhav) gets lost in the ocean of emotions.

5a4a9eff65932c91bb7395dcc9602717As we expand our consciousness (chakras= consciousness levels+ pure energy zones) realize and establish a conscientious balance, we start experiencing a greater sense of joy and fulfillment in our lives. It is then that we resume living our lives as we always hoped and wished while coming across various revelations that each seek to take us closer to our true nature, our true self and our divine essence.

It is then that the greater purpose of our lives unfolds and defines the character of our living. Some of us keep emphasizing that it is through meditation while some others experience this through the true performance of their duties (dharma) in order to fulfill their deeds (karma) ensuring righteousness prevails as the guidant principle integral value consistently.

8ed7364768d4a2df3a6b37281e0361f0Remember that work is worship; through service (seva) we attain mewa (reward – but the principal objective is good value+values for ourselves and others). We learn to draw and then do we draw our true learn in?

This is the architect amongst each and everyone of us, we may not be artists but we are well versed with the craftsmanship of sculpting. This is the process where as we practice true discipline in our lives, we keep observing+witnessing phenomenal changes across our lifetime as we attract+draw what we wish to experience in our lives.

10d981c0ef24e5d74a7baf0895fa3b4dSome of us call this vibrational frequencies, some others refers to the intuitive paradigm and so many other definitions, however the base and basis – the core structure of every aspect of evolution is merged with and emerges with our pure intent (shuddh bhav). How much ever we may learn, study, implement, preach and practice but until or unless the core root which is the pure intent (shuddh bhav) is not sanctified; not sacredly respected, understood and upheld, then we may keep treading from one pathway to another in search of greater achievements? prestigious milestones and desirous tendencies?

070b668fd2cebf6ec82e7960e60694e7Is this all that we have come for, just to enjoy the satisfaction and how about the next moments ahead in our lives when these particular set of moments elapse and then elude us for the thoughts and feelings dissipate and reality dawns and demands further consistency to keep enjoying in the sense that adopting true discipline, equanimity, moderation, humility, diligence and righteousness in our lives as the cornerstones of each process is keenly observed and implemented.

Every art, process and science of life is compartmentalized, flowing and regulated through the lens and filter of what exists at the root structure which is the consilience (the agreement of different disciplines).

811bb038519316c40934fb28b7a193e0If we get a notion or experience an impulse and get carried away with scattering our energies, then when the time to actually conserve and effective use our energies is most required, we maybe feeling fatigued and exhausted? But why? Why not live a life where we are remembering consilience (the agreement of different disciplines) and thereby practicing the discipline of disciplines which is righteousness and wisdom right throughout our lives.

Also do remember that just meditating everyday or only praying by itself everyday will not bring the aspired+desired results all along by themselves alone. There is a disciplined process in force and orderliness, where along with observance of one discipline the other disciplines must also be honored and duly fulfilled to help establish a harmonious alignment of our lives structurally.


awarenessThere is truly a lot that each of us can interpret and then respond but at each step and stage let us carefully remember time and again that life is the process of consilience (the agreement of different disciplines) and until we are well in order with our thoughts, feelings and actions, only then can we experience the resultant which is the order in wellness with all that was, all that is and all that will ever be.

One note of precaution very most importantly needed to be understood is that our emotions if not well understood can take us through a lot and contain enormous energy ; so when we store+suppress certain emotions, they may lead to certain types of states of anxiousness, hyper tension , unrest and diseases (dis+eases) and whereas the very same emotions when positively inclined, having the seed of pure intent (shuddh bhav) at their core structure could unleash the abundance of joyfulness along with harmoniousness, the strategic equilibrium and equanimity factors which are extremely essential in and throughout our lives; so it is time and again a lot much more than just consilience (the agreement of different disciplines) by itself, but consilience should not be understood as a fancy word, consolation or statement; it is a respectful coherence of theologies of our lives character intending to make us c4d15c4c03a292a10fdecd00a803b868consciously aware that it is time we awaken to our true nature and shed the illusive notions of chasing some vague and undefined expectations and rationalize and consciously seek to follow a disciplined approach in our lives, for discipline teaches us so much but then along with discipline we need to be cultivating the pure intent (shuddh bhav)  time and again to be able to reach a consensus with+in each and every phase and stage of our lives. Have we realized that we get attached to what we are familiar and then keep holding on and firmly latching upon to that familiarity whether it is correct? whether it is good? whether it is bad? whether it is fair? whether it is right? whether it is the truth? whether it is wrong? whether it is unethical? and so on and so forth, but then why are permitting familiarity to determine and decide the course and structure of our lives please? Should we enact and institute a disciplined regimen of righteousness which keenly observes and grants+sanctions the process of our living ingeniously, so that we could be able to take well informed decisions that are not influenced solely by familiarity alone but are also having the traverse through the watchful vigilance of our soul consciousness helping us to take the appropriate choices and decisions please, so what are we waiting tor? When will we  truly practice consilience (the agreement of different disciplines); pure intent (shuddh bhav) and righteousness in our lives please? God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi