Rabbit Eyes, Unconscionable Cruelty

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Draize eye irritancy test, in which cosmetics, dishwashing liquid, drain cleaner, and other substances are dripped into the animals’ eyes, often causing redness, swelling, discharge, ulceration, hemorrhaging, cloudiness, or blindness. The rabbits are killed after the experiment is over

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Being Love

Great-Love-quotes-Love-and-being-loved-quotes-keep-love-in-your-heart-quotesBeing for Love

While love being is an integral part of us, being love is an instrumental path of our life’s trust. It is the infinitude purity of love, gratitude and respect for God’s love within us as well as all around us.

We are all God’s beloved, being love reflects the credentials of God’s grace with+in each and every cell of our being first of all in love with our dharma (duties) to fulfill our karma (deeds). Whatever we do, we do with our complete focus and total attention; with our mind, heart and soul filled with the abundance of the purity of love.

It is to be carefully understood that being love is not about the physical intimacy but about the dignified purity of devotion and sincere respectfulness for the moral conscience of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence.

Being love is love being your authentic self and radiates the greatness of compassion within our hearts whereby we seek to introspectively identify, discover, realize, recognize and experience the meaningful and purposeful significance of our being born is intended for a noble cause which each and every one of us must realize and fulfill to experience our life’s completeness.

In the process of our realization, we will be amazed to note that all the love that we had been seeking from all across the Universe remained ensconced within the purity of our very own being. If we were seeking approval and love from others without being love ourselves, then we were actually echoing the emptiness and thereby attracting back emptiness in return.

Whereas being love, we were not reaching across with any expectations, we were accepting that we are all the purity of God’s love and in being love related primarily to our devotion for God and God’s gloriousness that prevails in each and every cell and element of the Universe magnificently.

Remember that this is the purity of love that is of the soul and not of the ego; it is the expression of our divine essence in which we are devotedly serving the Lord in each and every breath of our life; when we compassiontely, considerately, diligently, prudently, responsibly, tenaciously, sincerely, truthfully and wisely come together to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi