Born Rich, True Wealth

enrichAll of us are born rich. The proof is that enrichment is our true heritage. Richness here does not seek to refer to the financial status but rather about the priceless wealth of fabulous virtues, principles, values and graceful wisdom.

The process of enrichment truly starts with enriching our knowledge and understanding for from there onwards, we are able to grasp and better understand the landscape as well as the long term scope of this wonderful life.

We may have noticed how some individuals who have all the riches do not have the actual wealth of life, due to lack of realization; they are constantly in search of happiness despite having everything that money could buy? While some others who are realistic and diligently strive with reasonable means are able to calmly enjoy the priceless wealth of life far much more greatly!

So the next time, do not compare one’s own self with others for everyone has the gifted ability of enrichment; of enriching one’s own self through one’s intellectual faculties, thinking, reasoning and realization process.

Then also, it is no more and no longer about being born rich but rather about giving birth to the richness of the true wealth of life right across life righteously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Change a little? Change a lot? Allot changes! One minute

cesare-paveseSometimes, within the span of one single minute, we change a lot, expecting dramatic results and are then rushing back in the next one minute to undo the changes?

Why not allot the changes; think it over well enough and then when more well aware, implement the respective-desired changes.

Its not just the pulse of the impulse mode that will always work. Since sometimes, in urgency and the need for immediate action might help to take responsible action in the tight time frame, but it is not that always that automated mode and same-identical reflex mode can be adopted-practiced.

Its  not about changing more that will bring about more or that changing a little will also bring about further much more; rather it is about doing what needs to be done in the allotted span of time consciously, diligently, prudently, responsibly, sincerely, truly and wisely.

Its not just about feelings or other aspects, rather it is about recognizing the facts and taking due charge of the respective commitments in a responsible manner, so that that one minute which might previously have appeared quite challenging will appear all the more interesting, for one knows what one is doing when, how, why and because by being the cause and divine essence of one’s evolution, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

All of us

Not-all-of-us-can-do-great-thingsAll of us like it, it likes all of us. Liking something connects us with others in amazing ways. In this context, there is something extremely important which is that most of us like to be like someone else?

This liking to be someone else is what affects our identity. When we be like ourselves, our liking for ourselves and others increases, whereby we share a greater level of respect and appreciation for one another.

Take one example, when we meet, if we keep speaking the same topic over and over and over and over again; then it is apparent that we will get bored and want to shift-divert our attention and association away, towards something more constructive and meaningful.

Whereas, when each of us come together with our authentic, creative and refreshing uniqueness, we like what we discuss for each of us is having a remarkable standpoint of view, of looking at the very same aspect from a renewed perspective of an enterprising and innovative nature.

However, all of this starts importantly with the liking that we nurture for our own selves and then that liking is likewise magnified and keeps intensifying as each and every other being likes one another for who they are themselves; as well as others, for who the stand to be.

Each time that we come together to collaborate, whether on a personal, professional or social level, by expressing our true nature, our true self and our divine essence, we connect with like minded souls. Its even barely without a single word spoken or any glance exchanged, the respectful admiration is beamed across and conveyed its consonance harmoniously.

There maybe various aspects, but there is one integral aspect that is coming back to the very same aspect time and again which is the matter of appreciation; all of us like to be appreciated; now in the process of seeking to be appreciated by others, if we do not appreciate ourselves, then regardless of how much ever we may strive and achieve; struggle to accomplish, there will remain the feeling of some dis satisfaction and strange emptiness; remember that – that is a feeling that is mainly being self developed by isolation of certain thoughts.

Why not liberate one’s own self from indulging in certain practices of thinking and then learn to carefully understand that a lot of the liking, the appreciation is what has been self learned? self indoctrinated? so why not likewise, adopt a positive and more understanding attitude of developing one’s outlook and approaching aspects from first appreciating and truly liking one’s own self awesomely.

Heaping praises and good wishes upon everyone else and then when it comes to the face in the mirror, if one were to look upon one’s own self dis interestingly and unenthusiastically? without passion? it may just keep adding more and more layers to the storehouse of elusiveness and mysterious quizzes, why not every day seek to recognize that all of us looking in that mirror are looking through that one look that we are sharing with that vision and that all of that very same vision is looking back at+through all of us.

In one word, it is like this; we are radiating a unique positiveness that cannot be imitated or just pretended; it is a natural expression of our being; the joy of liking and appreciating our own self, when we find and experience joy and richness in everything we do. Everything appears so much more greater and better because we are feeling better and greater as well.

Its like a permission that we are granting our own selves and removing the restrictions that we may have unknowingly placed upon ourselves by denying and depriving our own selves of even the most basic of joys which is the virtue of appreciation and liking our own selves; since when we like and enjoy ourselves, so does the world and all of us then come together with our unique personalities, at each time that we meet, having something interesting to discuss, for we have expanded our consciousness and reflected upon our true nature and our true self speaks from us to others and likewise, others true selves radiates back the remarkable greatness and wonderfulness of being all of us “like” each other; because we firstly and truly like and sincerely appreciate our ownselves and all that we are; all that we have; and diligently, prudently and wisely performing our dharma (duties) to fullfill our karma (deeds) amazingly, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi