Ratan Tata, The Jewel of Your Heart


28th December 2014 proudly marks the 77th birthday of Respected Shri Ratan Tataji.  The translation of Ratan in Hindi represents Jewel; The translation of Tata in Sanskrit represents Father.

True to his name, he has been remarkably inspiring millions of people to believe and recognize their creative capabilities; true nurture their intellectual evolution of magnificent progress consistently.

The captioned title referring to the jewel of your heart humbly seeks to refer to the graceful vision of our heart’s wisdom. We realize that by being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth; we are actually living our divine grace, divine principles, divine purpose, divine values, divine vision, divine will and divine wisdom amazingly – which is leading us to living the divine essence of our lives infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Remembering Dhirubhai Ambani


28th December 2014 marks the 82nd birth anniversary of Dhirubhai Ambani.

We respectfully reflect upon his graceful wisdom and express our gratitude by earnestly coming together  diligently, prudently and wisely to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe consistently, God bless.
©2014 Vashi Chandi