Be Wise, Wisdom is Your Being

changgeOne thought could save our life. One taught could serve our living.

Be wise about what you are learning, pay careful attention for what you learn from within+as well as all around; being the devoted student of life will amaze you, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi


Emotions, The Wheel? The Will

Never-make-permanent-decisions-on-temporary-feelingsAt times, our emotions can lead us astray, beware, be aware.

Realize that emotions change quickly, be consciously aware and take responsible decisions diligently, prudently, sincerely, truly and wisely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Remembering Dr Hari N Harilela, The Divinity of God’s Love

Expressions-of-Gods-LoveWhile paying our respectful condolences to The Harilela Family, we would wish to humbly reflect upon the  benevolent grace of Dr Hari N Harilela, who has always inspired millions of people to awaken to their creative brilliance with his remarkable contributions and guidance in different sectors of the Hong Kong, Chinese and Global communities respectively.

The captioned title, divinity of God’s love admirably and affectionately seeks to humbly describe his true greatness; of how through his beliefs, commitments, disciplines and commendable initiatives; he has been able to bring about a magnificent transformation in the daily lives of millions of families as well as instill+brighten innumerable legacies of hope and progress all across the World fulfillingly.

Dr Harilela’s guidance and graceful wisdom will always inspire millions of people to continually strive to honor their true nature in living their divine essence faithfully. We salute his remarkable attitude of integrity which has shown us that the true way of life; of living our divine grace, divine purpose, divine principles, divine values, divine vision, divine will and divine wisdom; is what life is all about.

We profoundly thank him for ingeniously shining forth the light of his nobility and wish him eternal joy, peace, love and light, God bless.

With Admiration, Gratitude, Love and Respect, God bless


©2014 Vashi Chandi