The last breath, The breath lasts

animal-testingMillions of animals struggle to live each and every moment of their lives due to certain experiments. research and tests that are performed upon them.

There are millions of good willed supporters and organizations; who are taking remarkable initiatives to help safeguard and prevent any such tests, however despite all the marathon efforts, the various processes keep prolonging uninterruptedly.

How many more millions of animals will have to yet suffer and endure these cycles of unbearable cruelties please?

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Keeping touch

true wealthKeep in touch, the touch in keeping.

When we keep in touch, its a part of us.

However, what we touch in keeping (genuinely reaching across to one another) becomes the pathways of our lives amazingly.

Whether its a personal or professional acquaintance, the goodwill of life’s gracefulness reflects itself through+true us, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Human Potential, The Divine Possibilities

There-is-force-in-the-universeWe keep hearing some individuals exclaiming from time to time to time….. that …….. we haven’t got much in our hands?

How come? What is much? The definition of “haven’t” as well as “much” have not been properly understood by millions of individuals and this keeps continuing ever since time immemorial.

As per and according to the cosmic manuscript, each and every human being is/has been and will always be bestowed and magnificently endowed with phenomenal creative capabilities and proficiency to create greater good for themselves and others selflessly; its a matter of awakening to+realizing the pure divine essence of one’s being through devotion, discipline and graceful wisdom respectively.

When each and every one of us are born, we are endowed with the sacred energy of pure graceful wisdom that helps to sustainably empower our respective initiatives righteously all across our lifetime’s.

However, this treasure of the human potential is not just the endurance or the stamina that we typically rely upon, rather it is far more stronger than any known power that we may have experienced; for it is the power of our goodwill.

Realizing this,. then the haven’t changes to have and the much changes to match. Let us simplify this to better understand what does have and match exactly mean.

Have refers to the attitude of gratitude, of being diligently resourceful in reaching within the realm of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence to supplicate the divine grace and wisdom to guide us in our well intentioned efforts.


Match seeks to refer to the alignment; the methodical and synergistic precision of attuning to the harmonious consonance of our being to resonate the frequencies upon which the magnificent elements of the Universe operate and function with creative brilliance.

Let us look very close at what we see almost everyday. The plants that grow, have we particularly noticed how they evolve? Their evolution is a graceful testament of God’s divine will; likewise, if we look around the Universe, we have so many examples and representations of the divine capabilities, that we are in sheer awe and utter fascination to note the simplified yet brilliant constellation of various aspects in remarkable precision and precise order.

Most of our lifetime, we look around us, beyond us and yet further ahead, looking intently for something to come along miraculously to grant us the  wand with which we could wave and create a retinue of magical results?

The wand, the miracle, the magic as well as the hands; all of them are right here, but the distinct difference being that they are not out there, they are very much well within; ensconced within our true nature, and as we expand our consciousness and raise it to the level of the divine light, we attend to the various aspects of our lives more maturely and in an orderly basis; then it is not just filling in; it is fulfilling and the fulfillment of immense joy that is  constantly experienced.


What did it actually take us to realize all of this? Why so many years of ignorance in going around chasing fleeting pleasures that were mere illusions when actually we were letting go of our complete lifetime in aimless pursuance?

There are three particular factors which are instrumental in synchronizing the process meticulously; however there are various other intellectual faculties, factors and aspects that are influential and determinant as well, but the three principal and salient aspects are; faith, devotion and wisdom.

As we tread across the pathways of our lives with a sense of conscientiousness, due diligence, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and graceful wisdom;  we will realize that everything is in its right in its place all along; what has been distancing us from our respective ambitions and aspirations fulfillment has been the attainment/the realization of our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom respectively.

Once we truly be it with utmost discipline, selfless devotion and diligent faithfulness and ensuring to live our dharma (duties) to fulfill our karma (deeds); then its as close as our being infinitely; meaning that, we realize, we experience and also in the process spread the greatness of God’s grace in+through our humble and well intentioned pure initiatives (shuddh bhav) consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi