Akashic Records; Shabdh; The Cosmic Book, Heart, Mind and Vision of Life

SoulTranslation: Akashic = Cosmic;   Shabdh = Voice of Silence; Dharma = Duties;  Ek= One;  Hain= Is

Practice Compassion, Practice Dharma;

Practice Forgiveness,

Practice Righteousness, Practice Solitude+Silence

The following above is in Hindi and shall be subsequently translated in English further above.

In silence, the dialogue of our life’s script is eloquently paraphrased.

Hindi     = Zingagi ek Shabd hain; Shabd ek zindagani hain.

English = Life is the voice of silence; Silence is the infinity of life – This seeks to refer to the incredible wisdom of silence; within  whose speech, the gracefulness of life supreme reveals itself amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi