God’s e mail addresses, The Infinite Golden miles

quotes-7-728God’s e mail address are; God@Goldenmile.(dot)devotion; God@Goldenmile.(dot)duty;God@Goldenmile.(dot)grace; God@Goldenmile.(dot)righteousness. God@Goldenmile.(dot)trust; God@Goldenmile.(dot)truth; God@Goldemile.(dot)worship; God@Goldenmile.(dot)wisdom;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine compassion; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine character;God@Goldenmile.(dot) divine contentment; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine conscientiousness; God@Goldenmile.(dot) divine courage; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine dignity; God@Goldenmile.(dot) divine discipline;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine divinity;  God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine faith; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine forbearance; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine foresight; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine humility; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine ideals; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine joyfulness;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine mindfulness;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine morality;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine nobility;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine observancy;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine patience;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine piousness;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine prudence; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine purpose; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine principles;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine respectfulness;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine sincerity;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine temperance;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine trust;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine values;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine virtues;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine vision;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine will and God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine union; and so on and sow forth with utmost respectfulness and conformance with the divine values of our creative evolution.

Disclaimer: Remember that none of the above featured e mail addresses are actually functional. They are featured only to make us realize regarding the brilliant creative magnificent virtues and intellectual proficiency that we have been so very fortunately bestowed+endowed with; and that in order to be closer or to speak to God, we must experience the divine union ensconced within the realms of our true nature and our true self sacredly.

God’s grace is not reached, preserved or sought, it is attained through due diligence, prudence and tenacity; striving meticulously in earnest performance of our respective duties. The captioned title seeks to remind us that no matter how far we may ever be, God’s graceful presence and divine essence is ever closer to us.

When our hearts smile, God’s golden miles gracefully blossom forth the divine essence of connecting us in such a way that we intelligently make our choices throughout life there onwards and love what we do as well as do what we love infinitely across the passage of this meaningful, purposeful, dutiful and wonderful life graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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