Some of Us; Sum of Us; Resourcefulness








Some of us have all the facilities. And then sum of us facilitate all the having.

Facilities refers to somethings designed for a specific purpose. Facilitation refers to making things easier.

Remember you have been given each and every moment of your lives to ensure that you live purposefully; with ambition and aspiration to achieve and excel; to contribute towards yours and others greatness, but then this is not just another inspiration pitch, it is about the core reality, when you let this moment and then next moment and yet the forthcoming moments to keep passing by without constructively engaging in doing what needs to be done, then there may come a time, where you maybe rushing to do everything at once, but then the amount of anxiety, the marathon efforts and all the money could not bring back to you this+these priceless moments which are coming your way for a divine reason, to ensure that you are living your light, you are living your divine essence and fulfilling your divine potential of experiencing your true nature and your true self by diligently, prudently, responsibly, sincerely, tenaciously, truthfully and wisely attending to your dharma (duties) in order to fulfill your karma (deeds) faithfully, God bless.

Please do not only engage in complaining that this is not there, that is not there, this is not the right time, when my astrologer predicts, then is the right time? when the sun shines, then I will go and do what needs to be done? they have more better things? It is not just about hard work or working hard; rather it is about genuinely striving ahead creatively in each and every moment in doing what needs to be done attentively, creatively, earnestly, faithfully, diligently, intelligently, prudently, sincerely, tenaciously, truthfully, vigilantly and wisely please.

Well how about you, you also have the same opportunity to think, for thinking creatively and striving diligently is not something that is exclusively for some people only; reach within your higher self and unleash your magnificence, you can do a lot more good and greater things for the benefit and progress of one and all in this life than you could have ever imagined; but then you cannot just keep exclaiming and letting things go by;

Remember that those who have reached where they are, have carefully observed and then at each and every step taken enormous efforts while you were just lazing around, languishing and thinking that the vital opportunities would come by themselves; This life has been designed on a principled basis, meaning that nothing comes easy but then now think come easier, since if you keep stating nothing comes easy, then you are constantly echoing one mantra all along and all you get is more of nothing at all, because you are desperately resonating the lack whereas someone else at the very same time is genuinely taking the responsible initiatives to realize and do what they reasonably can with what they have knowing that the “now” as well as the “think” encompassed in this priceless moment comes only once in a lifetime, so grasping the strategic factors and converging them together in a meticulous pattern would thereby strengthen that person’s mindset and the wisdom of their gracious heart would also guide them accordingly, for nature, the universe and the world recognizes genuineness; pretension is out of fashion please. It is never too late; realize this moment before the moment realizes you, for by realizing you are then in alignment with the momentum of the moment and its driving+empowering force to always create greater good for the Universe infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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