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Sleep, Sub Conscious Mind, Empowering Visions; Awakening, Visualizing Empowerment 

The Amazing Power of Commitment, Devotion, Discipline, Determination, Focus, Foresight, Perseverance, Righteousness, Sincerity, Truthfulness and Wisdom

visionWe may have heard and come across the following at some instance or another.

Counting sheep to go to sleep; Well, counting sleep to go to sheep; Well, Well, Well, why not talk to the shepherd also?

Books Some refer to counting antlers, tractors, horses, ducks and so on and so forth until they gradually drift into their sleeping patterns habitually.


soul writing

Some others before sleeping practice chanting mantras which are devotional hymns; sacred words that are filled with the pureness of energetic vibrations that soothe and calm the mind gently as well as strengthen one’s focus quite remarkably.

Now coming to an interactive aspect; the vision board; the vision book; some people engage in reflecting upon their vision board, to review how far they have come, progressed and then admirably reflect ahead towards the magnificent current phase, the intermediate future as well as the long term future prospects and potentiality.

This particular aspect of journal ling; of recording and carefully writing down in the vision book is like a dictation that one reads back and forth and sometimes are amazed across the span of certain periods of time to notice how they gradually begun and got about towards actually manifesting their aspirations fabulously.

vision 5

They strived diligently, took tremendous initiatives and at each and every step ensured that they were vigilantly moving ahead, but at the completion of each day, gracefully reclining or sitting erect and alertly jotting down, making notes with an unstinting focus upon their joyful engagement of committing; of declaring to themselves; to their higher selves; to the Universe that they wish to lead a purposeful life with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness and their brilliant creative and magnificent wisdom of their true nature and true self to guide them all along the way with God’s grace of course being there all along the way as the silver lining and guidant factor of each pathway.

meaningful-love-quotes-love-quotes-inThe scientific theory that relates to the vision book; the vision board is that what activity we engage in before sleep keeps our mind engaged; this becomes the engagement of our sub conscious mind getting involved and then helping us quite remarkably in identifying various factors that help improve as well as enhance and sustainably strengthen the pathways of our lives.

In one way and at some times distinctly what we do before we go to sleep becomes what we face when we wake up. This is particularly noticed that when we are really tired and are trying to find a solution to a challenging problem and then staying awake almost the entire night not bringing forth any solution and then voila with the intensity of the actual dilemma being passed onto the sub conscious mind with a little but much needed sleep and rest, the emerging patterns upon waking up appear quite different than what was the night before or the early morning before.

Carl Jung

It is about intently and intuitively focusing+reflecting upon our ambitions, our aspirations, our goals, our dreams and our visions well before actually going to sleep where we are indirectly preparing the manifest, the agenda for our sub conscious mind to work upon and the sub conscious mind loyally stands by and provides the much needed amazing developments in our lives over a period of time; well all, always with due diligence and prudence and righteousness particularly, but for sure to ensure that one attends towards one’s dharma (duties) to fulfill one’s karma (deeds)l;  for this Universe is intending to bring us closer to ourselves; this is closer to our higher self, closer to our true nature, closer to our true self, so that we could experience our graceful completeness and celebrate each and every moment of this wonderful life with productive efficiency and the joy of living our divine essence infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi