Educating and Training the Brain



  Our brains follow directions and instructions. Through our sub conscious mind, we can considerably influence our behavior and habitual patterns respectively. Adopting a healthy lifestyle as well as engaging in stimulating mental activities could help each in their own ways and extents quite remarkably.


There maybe various methods also such as practicing mediation, being compassionate, living our divine essence; faithfully attending to our respective dharma (duties) as well as ensuring abidance of a conscious disciplined regimen; however the following could also compliment the process in its own unique ways.


It is about simplifying our lives, ensuring that we have adequate+sufficient sleep (not over sleeping or depriving oneself of sleep) as well as strictly consuming nutritional food, avoiding any indiscriminate consumption of alcoholic beverages or illicit substances or chemicals;  and disciplined engagement in regular physical exercise along with the mental calisthenics (mind gymnastics, such as creative puzzles and other interesting range of activities, for examples such as cross word puzzles and other such thought provoking activities which ensure that we make our minds think creatively instead of just thinking that our mind will make everything by itself on auto pilot mode – we need to be observant, vigilant and an keen interesting participant in what our mind is involved in by evolving and not just involving, since evolving refers to the evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom and this all starts with the purity of discipline and sincere devotion) – also through engagement in creative games; DIY (do it yourself puzzles, etc) and very most importantly releasing any wasteful thoughts + as well as avoiding any emotional suppression of one’s feelings.


Basically it comes to being mindful of our time so that we are constructively and resourcefully living a productively efficient life, having time when we need it; being alert and attentive when required; being focused since not carrying unnecessary set of thoughts or drifting elsewhere when one is supposed to be where one actually is like being precisely at the right place and time with the right attitude consistently.



Educating and training the brain is more of a disciplined process since life is a discipline of sacred disciplines, where each element functions and operates with+in precise methodical sequentiality. Honoring and respecting the governance of our lives by being true to our nature and our true self, we then further experience the revelations of additional set of useful information that could help creatively improve+shape our lives magnificently.



It is indeed a matter of keen and genuine interest and not some factor where the brain is manipulated to follow any process that is unethical for everything in our lives is supposed to be appreciated and following the code of conduct that is aligned with practice of righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently; for what our life truly represents is in harmonious consonance with all that was, all that is as well as all that will ever be, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

PM Lee: New challenges, better home as S’pore enters next 50 years

With all due respect to Prime Minister Lee’s vision, we should first of all seek to carefully understand what is being envisaged.

Once we carefully understand the scope of commitments, we will be able to foresee that each and every aspect and strategy has and is being meticulously drafted with the considerable best interests of the Singaporean people.

As we stand perched at the cross roads of time, we are greatly inspired by the remarkable ideals, principles and values that have always stood as the formidable pillars of the Singaporean society and look ahead with a perspective of confidence, enthusiasm and goodwill, God bless.


The Attraction Factor, Cosmic Energy, Tat Tvam Asi, That Thou art

seeds 1  Sometimes, we are attracted? Sum other times, we attract it?

We are constantly attracting so much into our lives without even realizing that it is we, yes we who are the primary cause and effect of our imaginary explorations of succinct vision unfolding right across our lives.


At first, it is featured across our thoughts where we are still having the opportunity to either grant or deny consent to any particular aspect to further energize and manifest. Perhaps, somethings may not emerge as quickly as thought, but then the process begins and gets set into motion and once unleashed, it becomes virtually impossible to retract or recall back, for what is set for in motion is then operating at frequencies and an unknown gravitation pathway of its own.

That is why we are taught and reminded time and again to consistently nurture good and constructive thoughts and feelings, engaging in righteous actions whether in the thought or deed format respectively. Let us look at it like this, the Universe is a reservoir of amazing energies amongst which the cosmic energy is the purest and most aspired to be attained faithfully.


Actually, we are all having the creative magnificence of the cosmic energy ensconced within the realm of our true self; however due to the ignorance of our egoistical tendencies, we have apparently allowed certain vices to predominate and prevent any of the sacredness to blossom.

It is not that we are sages or saints or spiritual mystics or elusively moving across life and embracing different beliefs and opinions, rather we are noble souls who are the children of God leading our lives righteously while living our dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) conscientiously.

As we expand our consciousness and raise our focus upon our higher self and true nature, we are able to experience the speech of the divine light communicating with us. The language spoken is one of  wisdom, where every word seeks to express the glory of the Universe in God’s divine grace.

Reflecting upon the attraction factor, we attract what we think; we attract what we feel; we attract what we radiate and it is extremely important to carefully understand that we attract who we truly be and not that we attract what we want.


If we keep resonating that want factor, going on repeatedly trying to attract the want to manifest, then we may spend an entire lifetime wandering from pillar to post without any constructive results whatsoever. Now, it must also be carefully understood that this is not a mater of learning to attract so that one may seek to superimpose one’s aura upon another; no and never; the Universe operates and functions on frequencies of pure intent and whenever there is any aspect or factor that may contradict the purity of relationships, whatever it is that is being envisaged becomes liable for penalties to itself since we have to remember that the sacredness of life is to be cherished and upheld in accordance with the highest consideration, regard, principles and values consistently.


To simplify and reflect upon the core essence of all that was, all that there is and all that there will ever be; we attract the world in our words. Now if we carefully understand the truthfulness of this statement and what it literally means, we will realize that we have been making dual choices and then being faced with likewise multiple sets of dualities and that further augmenting to yet another prolific net of sub choices all woven together as strands of a bead? But then, were those particular set of choices conscious intents that we attracted and energized in our lives please?


Now, if we need to re work upon those precise parallel platforms to heal and strengthen the core competencies, we would have to take far much more effort, almost tantamount to recreating the wheel. Whereas, when we had the distinctive privilege of devoting our disciplined and pure intent towards empowering the sets of divine principles and divine values, if we may have forsaken the preciousness due to sheer pride or blatant arrogance; then to earn the merit of being re endowed and re bestowed with the sacred privileges would perhaps take almost an entire lifetime and far much more longer? One can never know since the divinity within us and all of God’s creation deserves utmost honor and respect, where we are humbly ensuring that we are constantly thinking and practicing what is righteousness in each and every structure and cell of our being observantly.


From an observers perspective we are able to witness and then consciously tread vigilantly rather than just rushing all along here, there and everywhere almost instantaneously without introspectively reflecting upon what we are actually doing is what is actually doing us. What this means is that we are creating the ground; akin to how a farmer sprouts the seeds and irrigates with the quest of a bountiful harvest; well likewise, we are each tilling the land and ploughing where the land is our conscience and the till is our graceful wisdom.


Those who realize take every step forward with due diligence, prudence, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and wisdom knowing that this is not a play act or just a script by itself but rather it is the very actual personification of their life that is unfolding right before their eyes and all due to the intent of their pure divine essence. They always did what was correct, what was fair, what was righteous and not what was trendy or what was just another whimsical feeling or sudden urge since as human beings, we have been equipped with the divine potential to discern and make wise choices in each and every moment of our lives.Do carefully remember that we are the Universe experiencing itself and when realizing the custodianship, the trust and the expectations of the Universe that all it seeks from us is that we live our pure divine essence, fulfilling our respective commitments earnestly and faithfully as well as ensuring that whenever we think, feel, act and express, it is all resonating from and operating on the frequencies of purity and righteousness; of goodness and disciplines; of devotion and compassion for ourselves and others unconditionally.

"SwansCygnus olor". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
“SwansCygnus olor”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –


There is truly so much more that could be spoken about in this regard but to sum it up, the following will keep repeating itself that – that we attract who we truly be+are as well as that we attract the world in our words; so not only the next time, but this very time, this very moment and in each and every moment of this wonderful life, carefully understand the incredible potentiality and value of the words that you think and express and not just go about imitating someone else for each and of us is truly a miracle, living our light and needing to diligently strive in ensuring that we live our lives purposefully and then based upon that integral defining purpose, we will each come across certain pathways of our lives that leave us in awe and wonder; for it is we who once upon a time just imagined and then we were beholding what we actually attracted into our lives with disciplined set of conscious devoted efforts and intelligent choices of prudential graceful wisdom; and then onwards, having understood the essence of the attraction factor, each and every intent would only seek the goodness and wellness of one and all for then we would understand that what we do for others, manifests in our lives as well; that what goes around, comes around as well; that as we sow, so shall we reap; the karmic factor and law of cause and effect that only seeks to make us realize to live an orderly life full of discipline and abidance+compliance with the laws governing local, national, international jurisdictions including those laws, rules and regulations governing nature and the universe as well consistently and always believe the following that Tat Tvam Asi, That Thou art; That being thy higher self, That being thy true nature; That being thy true self and That being thy divine essence, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi