Educating and Training the Brain



  Our brains follow directions and instructions. Through our sub conscious mind, we can considerably influence our behavior and habitual patterns respectively. Adopting a healthy lifestyle as well as engaging in stimulating mental activities could help each in their own ways and extents quite remarkably.


There maybe various methods also such as practicing mediation, being compassionate, living our divine essence; faithfully attending to our respective dharma (duties) as well as ensuring abidance of a conscious disciplined regimen; however the following could also compliment the process in its own unique ways.


It is about simplifying our lives, ensuring that we have adequate+sufficient sleep (not over sleeping or depriving oneself of sleep) as well as strictly consuming nutritional food, avoiding any indiscriminate consumption of alcoholic beverages or illicit substances or chemicals;  and disciplined engagement in regular physical exercise along with the mental calisthenics (mind gymnastics, such as creative puzzles and other interesting range of activities, for examples such as cross word puzzles and other such thought provoking activities which ensure that we make our minds think creatively instead of just thinking that our mind will make everything by itself on auto pilot mode – we need to be observant, vigilant and an keen interesting participant in what our mind is involved in by evolving and not just involving, since evolving refers to the evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom and this all starts with the purity of discipline and sincere devotion) – also through engagement in creative games; DIY (do it yourself puzzles, etc) and very most importantly releasing any wasteful thoughts + as well as avoiding any emotional suppression of one’s feelings.


Basically it comes to being mindful of our time so that we are constructively and resourcefully living a productively efficient life, having time when we need it; being alert and attentive when required; being focused since not carrying unnecessary set of thoughts or drifting elsewhere when one is supposed to be where one actually is like being precisely at the right place and time with the right attitude consistently.



Educating and training the brain is more of a disciplined process since life is a discipline of sacred disciplines, where each element functions and operates with+in precise methodical sequentiality. Honoring and respecting the governance of our lives by being true to our nature and our true self, we then further experience the revelations of additional set of useful information that could help creatively improve+shape our lives magnificently.



It is indeed a matter of keen and genuine interest and not some factor where the brain is manipulated to follow any process that is unethical for everything in our lives is supposed to be appreciated and following the code of conduct that is aligned with practice of righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently; for what our life truly represents is in harmonious consonance with all that was, all that is as well as all that will ever be, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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