Dr Martin Luther King Jr, With Admiration, Gratitude, Love and Respect

4aa6bd8e01fffa50ce7ae3be7c5059e2History is testament to Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s amazing vision of faith,incredible belief in the virtues of goodwill, harmony, non violence, justice and the truth along with practice of righteousness consistently.

Reflecting upon his greatness inspires us to live our light and to permit the radiance of the divinity shine forth from within us in every thought and deed graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life Alterations, Shiva Shakti; Narayan Narayani




Shiva refers to pure. Shakti refers to the divine cosmic energy.

Narayan refers to humanity. Narayani refers to the divine Mother who is the auspiciousness of all creation.



excellence No one can alter your life? Know one can, knowing (awareness) of one’s true self; of one’s authentic and legitimate self; of one’s higher self; of one’s divine self; of one’s true nature and of one’s divine essence can.


Remember the sacred altar of life is filled with the abundance of pure divine energy. So when we resolve to declare our pure intent to the cosmic energy within us, if what we seek is appropriate, fair and just (as in justice), then the respective desired alterations will seamlessly ensue.


Yes, it is you, the one who can remarkably transform, improve, change, enhance the scope of your life; indeed, you can do this, but then there is a price to pay; the price is pure devotion and disciplined commitment.


There is the focus factor where we are directing all our energies; our mind energy, our heart energy, our intellectual energy, our soul energy; all of this is complimented with the amazing alignment with the astral; the cosmic energy which strengthens the empowering determination of our cherished aspirations.the-starting-point-of-success

So time and again, whether thousands of years ago, now or thousands of years ahead; the precise principles of life will keep applying, which are that if we are sincere in our efforts, then so will our life be sincere in its bestowing accordingly.


There really is nothing new or sensational or out of the way technique that is being referred. It is only seeking to refer to the core divine essence of our being which was, is and will always remain pure and very much within the realms of our higher self; of our true nature; of our true self and of our divine essence consistently.Thank you God

Our relationship with our divinity is sacred and needs to be honored and truly respected. We may call God with all our heart filled with profound admiration, appreciation, devotion, gratitude, faith, love, respect and sincerity however our pure intents have to match this intense passion that we always reserve for God in our lives.life-believe-vision

God does not want all the riches or the wealth and treasures that are materialistic in nature; rather through our devoted service  and disciplined commitment towards what we have been entrusted would by itself be the greatest gift to our divinity for we have come to the World not to make the alterations or alter the making or creating revolutionary changes, but rather its about each and everyone of us to experience evolutionary changes; evolutionary transformations, which is our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom consistently.


When we raise and expand our consciousness to the level of the divine light, we will experience the fabulous stream of the pure crystal knowledge and wealth of priceless virtues further complimenting us with enormous insights of revelations that constantly refer and reflect upon the oneness of all creation; of the oneness of the Universe as the symposium of goodwill, harmony, progress and sustainable welfare of one and all truly.


If we want God to speak what we seek? Then we will have to seek what God speaks and what God speaks can be heard; can be intuitively listened to; can be grasped and well understood; can be introspectively realized as we truly meditate and experience our divine union with God.


Remember time and again, it is not about faith, it is not about religion, it is not about names but it is explicitly about the pure divine essence of our being which encompasses the sacredness of creation and its graceful wisdom infinitely.

Patience Attitude

So when each and everyone of us seeks to genuinely experience our true nature, we will then express our divinity and celebrate the joyfulness, the purposefulness and the wonderfulness of our life supreme graciously, God bless.


©2015 Vashi Chandi