God thinks, Got thus

b00eeeaaf541fdc46906dfe8d6e6a8bfDo we do what God thinks? Do we do what God does? What God thinks and what God does is ensuring the divine union of verses.

God’s speech encompasses the amazing integration of each and every verse within itself. Human’s speech is constantly invariably seeking the assurance of having the versus instead of the verses?

Why not reach within our higher self, our true nature and our true self to establish our thoughts in verse with what we have got instead of what we have got versus our thoughts.

Its simply about being authentically and genuinely grateful for all that we have been bestowed+endowed with and then utilizing each and every intellectual faculty and priceless virtue to nobly converge together to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Drive the Derive, The Traffic of Thoughts, Putting Order in Thinks, Inputting Things Orderliness

learnWhen we consciously drive that which drives us, then we derive precisely that which is driven.

Henceforth, due diligence, prudence and vigilance is particularly essential when our mind coasts across the landscape of our thoughts as well for that is where we drive and live most of our life’s moments from to form our life’s momentum.

Would you like to thrive? Yet again every element of our lives seeks the maximum attentiveness and focus for at times we let our mind decide what our heart should and then yet further interchange by permitting our heart to this sight what our mind should.

imagesIts all emanating and emerging from within; this priceless wisdom which we need to awaken from within us to help provide us the strategic vantage and foresight in determining the pathways of our visions.

Some may think, why not put it in one word, in one line or in one paragraph; but well putting things or inputting thinks seek a precise definition and inclusion of various aspects to converge and represent as potentially as possible where there is no space for if, but or maybe; and it comes to either yes or no.

detoxifyRemember that at some point of our lives, we learn from our experiences and at some other points, we experience from others learning; those who are committed to enhancing the scope of their lives will take every reasonable initiative and step in the right direction, following the process of their lives in its sequential manner not for others to see or applaud, but solely because they consider every moment of their lives as a duty, they consider a great privilege to serve their true calling and make each and every moment of their lives a celebration by itself by always resourcefully utilizing what they have in any given moment.

A-thought-memory-perception-or-emotionHere again, where did we begin? where did we start and where did we lead ourselves? Right there, all along seeking to remember that one way of speaking to ourselves and others is ensuring discipline and respect for just because no one is watching or just because this conversation with ourselves has been ongoing from time immemorial? and will continue eternally? Do not take it as a chore, rather take it as a dutiful responsibility by constructively engaging in the thinking process in such a creative manner that it stimulates your nerves and pulse where the impulse of each thought wave reveals to you, true you the better you that is always striving to reveal itself; this better you is your true nature and your true self.

faithEven when these few words are being written, it is not referring to anything, anywhere or anyhow or just randomly ruminating and expressing or even referencing any search engines whatsoever. The thoughts are flowing unabatedly+abundantly; and being expressed in good faith and with the pure intent that going round about these thoughts, it is teaching the essence of thinking that derives the character of our living.

1It simply means that as we educate our thoughts, so our lifestyle will unfold and not otherwise since as we may have noticed when we get into challenging situations, all our intellectual faculties are enormously pressurized and we feel some sort of sudden weakness or drainage? Some sort of pressure that is seeping out as if in fury and seeking to release that which is gripping us and fervently hoping for some relief, for some release, for some legitimate resolution instead of hovering round and around our thoughts.

Well here, there or anywhere; at any given time, we are most closest to our thoughts; so when having a few minutes or in between the spacious moments when we have a few spare moments of leisure and are not engaging in any activity at all; like taking a temporary pause and resting, it is in those precarious moments, when our mind is still, not thinking about anything, “just being” that we could seek to follow a diligent yet enjoyable practice of instilling orderliness in the way we think.

focusedThis may seem out of the way for some individuals since they may think this is taunting them to rectify what is already well in order. Well, it is not ridiculing or skeptically reflecting upon one’s lifestyle or pattern of thinking, rather it is predominantly focusing upon improving one’s life all together and this can be done gradually and not all at once. So it is in between the thoughts that we can educate our thoughts to grasp and carefully understand the true essence of so many aspects of our lives including the habitual behavior and certain tendencies that we frequently emit.


lettingTime and again the phrase “remember” is being repeated because at first everything appears quite interesting, saying lets try this out, so what, lets see; no it must not be like that only; for to actually experience some potential difference in the way we think and the weigh we think as well, carefully measuring and evaluation, taking firm decisions after strict contemplation is a matter of defining our life’s moments and this seeks devotion and discipline to the extent that we are needing to be in tune; attuned to our life’s purposeful living and not just thinking what’s trending or what’s exciting; rather it is about discovering from amongst the priceless moments of our lives, the wealthiest treasures which is the process of our understanding.

b418db3f61409236774127bbbf92491fLet us put it this way that our life is a scope of commitments, each scope can become a periscope that encompasses the strategic vision that could further define our lives quite remarkably but yet again, here, there or anywhere again; unless we genuinely take the sincere efforts and practice righteousness in all that we think, do and express, we would be expanding in all directions without actually reaching anywhere, where we experience the harmonious balance at all. So why not seek to realize that the traffic and pattern of thoughts are somethings like as if we have been enjoying them and when particular thoughts are traversed, its as if a sense of familiarity dawns, but yet again, have we ever introspectively reflected and thought, why are we languishing in those thought patterns that are illusive and not contributing to our goodness and welfare at all? Why are we doing this? We are not victims or victimizing, rather we are helplessly integrating within the structure of our thoughts, a certain form of energy to emanate and affect everything else in our lives, so why not regulate our thoughts, learn and teach ourselves to think better, to think wiser and thereby drive the derive not just for another gain again, but rather doing what needs to be done since very long ago in our lives, which is putting order in our thinks to ensure orderliness in our lives and things consistently, be focused, be aware, be true you, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi